Adele Endorses Hillary: ‘What Happens in America Affects Me Too'

Posted: Oct 26, 2016 1:15 PM

Tuesday night, Adele surprised her fans by endorsing Hillary Clinton during her concert in Miami. 

According to Tamara Gitt, a Clinton aide and political campaign embed at Fox News, Adele told the audience “I am English, but what happens in America affects me too.” 

Adele then told her fans not to vote for Trump; “Don’t vote for him. That’s what I’m saying."

NBC’s Adam Kuperstein caught the moment on camera. 

“I can’t vote, but I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton,” she concluded. “I love her, she’s amazing.”

Coincidentally, Clinton was at the concert Tuesday night. However, NBC’s Monica Alba said it was “unclear” whether Adele knew that she was in the audience.

Clinton has made it known that she is a fan of singer. In March she told SiriusXM, “I’m currently into Adele. That is my go-to voice."