Biden's Plan for the American Workforce Is a Disaster

Posted: Jul 31, 2020 10:45 AM
Biden's Plan for the American Workforce Is a Disaster

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has carved out a decades-long career in Washington as the "everyman" politician and friend to hardworking Americans. But his policy proposals spell out an entirely different story; they show a weak bureaucrat looking to please the most radical, socialist faction of his base.

Already, Joe has alienated his once unflappable support from American fossil fuel energy labor unions. His growing support of the disastrous Green New Deal has energy workers thinking he really doesn't have their best interest in mind after all. Strapped to his basement and refusing to answer any journalist questions, Biden has been ignoring his energy supportive past in favor of talking points from his progressive counterparts.

Even though Biden has claimed in his sporadic speeches that he will bring jobs back to America and increase the national workforce, his vow to eradicate fossil fuel energy would cost the nation millions of jobs. An increase in high paying labor would be an impossibility with a move to "green" energy and "zero carbon emissions" by 2050, which he has repeatedly vowed to do.

But even more importantly, Biden stands firmly behind the most harmful policy against the American dream that has ever churned its way through the political system. Biden firmly supports the notoriously horrific AB5 legislation in California that, despite its horrific nature, actually passed through the far-left state legislature and was signed by socialist governor Gavin Newsom. In January, it became law.

Since that time, people who have rallied behind the Left's persistent claim that they are a friend to the working men and women have stood by and watched as gig workers, freelancers, part-time workers, and thousands of other Californians have lost their income and their right to work. Even liberal writers and politicians have been vocal about how horrible the plan turned out to be.

Of course, AB5 was helpful to big unions, who saw the act as an enormous boost for fee-grubbing labor unions who now had a sea of desperate workers to recruit. Those unions cast their support behind the politicians who authored AB5 and they have retained their allegiance. The people who foolishly elected those leaders, namely State Assemblywoman Ms. Lorena Gonzalez, are now being castigated for daring to criticize the extremely vague and broad legislation that has inarguably devastated freelance workers.

And now Joe Biden and other Democrats want to bring the wrath of AB5 to the federal government. Now called the PRO Act, that piece of legislation is currently lying in purgatory in Congress. It passed the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives with flying colors but isn't expected to be brought to a vote in the GOP led Senate.

But make no mistake, if Joe Biden is elected to the White House and Democrats take control of the Senate, the PRO Act will come back. And just like in California, you can expect that the consequences will be totally devastating to any American dreaming of carving out their own careers without bowing to a union. It would be the true beginning of a socialist America. Here are some examples of stories told by California residents devastated by the law, provided by Americans for Tax Reform:

Elizabeth M. Adger: "AB5 is why I had to pack up my very ill husband with stage 4 cancer and autistic son and leave the state. There is no way I can take care of our family and work a “traditional” type job. I have always worked for myself and paid my taxes. I was terrified of becoming homeless." 

Pattie Meyers: "AB5 is destroying the pet sitting business due to having to hire as employees! I’m sorry but there isn’t enough profit in pet sitting but with ICs (1099s) we can expand our biz by servicing multiple clients. Many pet sitters are either closing their business or trying to do it alone. This law has to be stopped!" 

Hayk - “When the lawmakers make these laws, they don’t live our lives,” says Uber driver Hayk (who refused to give his last name). “They don’t live like we. They don’t struggle like we. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of people who will stop doing Uber, where will they find another job? I have a big family in a two-bedroom creepy apartment. I pay $2,500. My wife got a full-time job. I have to pick my kids up or drop them off. I do that and come back to work, driving. What shift is going to let me do that other than this?”

Biden's vision of American workers is not an increase in freedom and choice that would increase jobs; it is a plan that would make most of the country dependent on government assistance.