Peter Doocy Confronts Psaki About Biden Ignoring Him at His Presser

Posted: Mar 26, 2021 3:00 PM
Peter Doocy Confronts Psaki About Biden Ignoring Him at His Presser

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Biden called on only 10 reporters at his first solo press conference on Thursday. And Fox News wasn't one of them. Responding to the snub after the presser, Peter Doocy showed his "binder full of questions" that he never got to use. It was a shame, he said, because he said the questions he would have asked covered some of most important topics of the day.

"About yesterday, we noticed starting at the end of the campaign and then into the transition and here at the White House, any time that the president has an event where he is given a list of reporters to call on, FOX is the only member of the five network TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the president," Doocy told Psaki. "And I'm just curious if that is an official administration policy."

Psaki immediately got defensive and told Doocy that she's consistently taken his questions. He had a counterpoint.  

"Unfortunately only when I have shouted after he goes through his whole list," Doocy said. "And the president has been very generous with his time with FOX. I'm just curious about this list that he is given. The only member of the five network pool never on it, dating back to when he resumed in-person events in Wilmington during the end of the campaign."  

Psaki dodged a real answer and complimented Doocy's socks. 

"Well, I would say that I'm always happy to have this conversation with you, even about your awesome socks you're having on today, you wearing today and have a conversation with you even when we disagree," she said. "The president's taking your questions." 

Psaki offered one more dismissive comment, telling Doocy that she's appearing on FOX News Sunday this Sunday and that they've "got to move on because we've got limited time."

As Reagan reported, Fox's John Roberts was livid about Psaki's explanation.