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AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Just like the Cuomo administration, the New York State Democratic Party has decided to take a dismissive attitude toward the grieving families and concerned citizens when it comes to the state's nursing home tragedy. We recently discovered that the Cuomo administration had intentionally hid the actual number of COVID-related deaths for fear they'd be subject to a federal investigation. Now we know that over 15,000 people lost their lives in elder care homes since the coronavirus hit New York.


Instead of acknowledging that families deserve answers, the New York Democrats released a statement about a new poll that shows a majority of respondents approved of the governor's handling of the pandemic. They also refer to his critics as "far fringe."

"Despite the best efforts of the far fringe, Governor Cuomo's numbers remain unchanged from last month – with a 56% approval rating statewide, including 78% among Democrats, 76% among liberals, 78% among African Americans and 65% among Latino voters," the statement, from New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs, reads. "11 months into this pandemic, the perception of Governor Cuomo's handling of COVID-19 is even stronger with 61% of New Yorkers approving of his handling of New York's response, including 83% of Democrats and majorities in every region of the State.  Apparently, voters understand better than some of those looking to score political points that the Governor has done a great job staying focused on saving lives and ending this pandemic. Those seeking to politicize the process should take heed."


Voices for Seniors, a group committed to protecting the most vulnerable, didn't seem all that surprised by the statement, considering Gov. Cuomo and his aides have called grieving New Yorkers much worse.

Cuomo aide Rich Azzopardi is one of the worst offenders, having called Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) a "QANON Trump puppet" when she asked for a DOJ investigation, and suggesting that Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean stick to weather reports instead of commenting on the governor's handling of the pandemic. Dean lost both of her in-laws to COVID in New York nursing homes and has been demanding answers from Cuomo ever since.

By the way, Voices for Seniors made an observation about the Democrat-cited poll: "And just for the record, none of the grieving families- the FIFTEEN-THOUSAND- of them were polled."


But not all New York Democrats are acting insouciant. Since the bombshell New York Post report about the Cuomo administration's stonewalling, there have been bipartisan calls for accountability.

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