North Carolina GOP to Consider Censuring Sen. Burr

Posted: Feb 15, 2021 12:00 PM
North Carolina GOP to Consider Censuring Sen. Burr

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) joined six other Republicans in voting with the Democrats to convict former President Trump in his second impeachment trial on Saturday. He was charged with "incitement of insurrection" following the deadly Capitol Hill riots, but was ultimately acquitted (for the second time) by a vote of 57-43.

In a statement on Saturday corresponding with his "guilty" vote, Burr argued that the "facts are clear" after listening to both the Democratic impeachment managers and Trump's legal team.

“The President promoted unfounded conspiracy theories to cast doubt on the integrity of a free and fair election because he did not like the results," Burr said. "As Congress met to certify the election results, the President directed his supporters to go to the Capitol to disrupt the lawful proceedings required by the Constitution. When the crowd became violent, the President used his office to first inflame the situation instead of immediately calling for an end to the assault.

“As I said on January 6th, the President bears responsibility for these tragic events. The evidence is compelling that President Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection against a coequal branch of government and that the charge rises to the level of high Crimes and Misdemeanors. Therefore, I have voted to convict."

Disappointed by the senator's vote, the North Carolina GOP is moving on a vote to censure him.

"North Carolina Republicans sent Senator Burr to the United States Senate to uphold the Constitution and his vote today to convict in a trial that he declared unconstitutional is shocking and disappointing," said GOP NC Chairman Michael Whatley.

The state party will hold an emergency meeting at 8 p.m. Monday to discuss the censure.

The other Republicans who voted to convict Trump were Sens. Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Richard Burr (NC), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT), Ben Sasse (NE) and Pat Toomey (PA).

Other state Republican parties as of late have moved to punish Washington lawmakers for siding with the Democrats against Trump. Last month, the Wyoming GOP announced that they "vehemently disagree" with Rep. Liz Cheney for her support of impeachment, and the Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County, Wyoming voted to censure her.