Sen. Graham's Advice for the President if Lawsuits Don't Go His Way

Posted: Nov 09, 2020 12:30 PM
Sen. Graham's Advice for the President if Lawsuits Don't Go His Way

Source: Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Earlier we reported on how Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) instructed President Trump not to concede until every one of his campaign's lawsuits has been resolved. He warned what would happen if the GOP gives up so easily. 

“If Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again," he alleged. "President Trump should not concede.”

There's just too much suspicious activity, he explained on Fox News' “Sunday Morning Futures.”

"What happened?" he asked. "The Trump team has canvassed all early voters and absentee mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, and they have found over 100 people they think were dead but 15 people that we verified that have been dead who voted. Here is the one that gets me: Six people registered after they died and voted. In Pennsylvania, I guess you're never out of it."

The senator elaborated a bit more in a discussion on Fox News Radio’s "The Brian Kilmeade Show" on Monday. He's convinced that something fishy is going on in the Keystone State.

And then, if the lawsuits and the recounts don't go Trump's way, Graham said the president should set his eyes on 2024.

"I would encourage President Trump if, after all this, he does fall short," Graham said. "We just can't quite get there to not let this movement die, to consider running again."

The senator encouraged 45 to create an organization and platforms over the next four years "to keep his movement alive."

If Grover Cleveland can serve two non-consecutive terms in the White House, Graham reasoned, why can't he?

Update: Reports suggest that Trump is at least starting to consider it.

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