John McCain Tells DHS Secretary to 'Think Through' His Travel Order Next Time

Posted: Apr 05, 2017 2:00 PM

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly appeared before the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday to answer questions about the Trump administration's national security plans. The White House's revised travel order on immigration was placed under intense scrutiny, especially after the initial plan suffered a rough rollout. 

When Trump signed the first executive order, which temporarily banned immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, airports nationwide were not prepared to deal with the changes. For instance, the order did not include an exemption for green card holders. As such, travelers who had legal travel documents were barred from boarding flights or held in detention at different airports. Add to this confusion hundreds of protesters storming terminals and demanding justice for the detained travelers. 

Federal judges even ruled to block the order, claiming it was unlawful and discriminatory.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was pretty blunt in his assessment of the original order when he questioned Kelly on Wednesday.

The White House's revised order made sure to include exemptions for green card holders and removed Iraq from the list of banned countries. 

Kelly insisted that few travelers will be affected by the revised order. A "small number" of people will be asked to provide social media passwords when entering country when there is a "reason," he explained. He also said the DHS will continue to improve because they are "able to do their job."

Like the first order, however, the White House's revised plan is still trying to fight off several legal challenges. The Ninth Circuit will hear the administration's appeal in May.