2016 RACE ROUNDUP: And Then There Was Trump

Posted: May 04, 2016 2:30 PM
2016 RACE ROUNDUP: And Then There Was Trump

Republicans have their nominee. Soon after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) surprised supporters and suspended his campaign Tuesday night, reports surfaced that John Kasich is doing the same. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ Hoosier win put a new wind under his sails and he is insisting he’s not going anywhere.

Republican Primary

Donald Trump: Donald Trump is now being referred to as the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican Party. After the businessman won the Indiana primary, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus tweeted that it’s time to unite behind him and focus on defeating Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump has defeated his Republican opponents, all eyes and ears are on his vice presidential pick. We do know though, that he will go the “political route” when making his choice and that Ben Carson will be an influential factor in the vetting process.

Ted Cruz: Cruz banked a lot on Indiana. Imagine his team’s faces, then, when they saw the results come in Tuesday night. The Texas senator lost to Trump by 16 points in the Hoosier State. Still, he surprised his supporters when he announced his campaign was over. They expected him to fight until the last delegate was distributed. Though Cruz has suspended his campaign, he is not “suspending his fight for liberty.”

John Kasich: Kasich is reportedly dropping out of the race Wednesday night, despite vowing to stay in just hours earlier. Nearly everyone could agree it was time for him to bow out, with this tweet aptly summing up his situation:

On the downside, now we'll never know what kinds of Mexican food Kasich would have chowed down on in California. 

Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton: Clinton lost another primary contest Tuesday night in Indiana. Exit polls revealed that voters in almost every income group chose Sanders, and she split the women vote 50-50 with the Vermont senator. Meanwhile, only a little over 50 percent of voters said she’s honest. She has no time to look at unflattering exits, however. She’s too busy fundraising off Trump’s candidacy.

Bernie Sanders: Despite his superdelegate deficit, Sanders told CNN after his Indiana win that he will continue his “uphill” battle against the establishment candidate.

Primary Schedule

Saturday, May 7 - Democratic caucus in Guam