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2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Cruz, Trump Ready for Two-Man Race

Tuesday night's primary elections put an end to Sen. Marco Rubio's presidential ambitions - at least for 2016. While the Florida senator was hoping to prove that the polls which showed Donald Trump ahead in the Sunshine State by 20 points were wrong, he couldn't argue with the results. Trump came away with three more victories - in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina - and John Kasich won his home state of Ohio. Meanwhile, Trump and Cruz are in a statistical tie in Missouri that is still too close to call. Three candidates remain in the 2016 race, but Trump and Cruz are ready to go one-on-one. Their respective teams are determined to block Kasich from the potential contested convention in July. As for those debates, they may be over for good. After Trump and Kasich announced they will not be attending next Monday's podium showdown on Fox News, the network canceled the event.


Republican Primary

Donald Trump: On Wednesday, Trump picked up the endorsement of Florida Gov. Rick Scott. With three more state wins and dozens more delegates tallied on Tuesday, the businessman has the clearest path to the Republican nomination. Although he has won 47 percent of the delegates awarded thus far, The Hill notes that for him to secure the nomination, he will need to win more than 60 percent of the remaining delegates. Should the contest go to a convention and his name not be called, Trump predicted riots will erupt.

Ted Cruz: During his post-primary speech Tuesday night, Cruz said Hillary Clinton "tosses and turns" witnessing the passion among Republican voters. The Texas senator indicated that Kasich has no plausible path to the nomination and is ready to go head-to-head with Trump. Meanwhile, Cruz slammed President Obama's supposedly "moderate" Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and insisted we wait until November to let the people decide who to put on the bench.

John Kasich: By the amount of confetti at Kasich's victory rally in Ohio Tuesday night, you'd have thought he won the general election. Indeed, many Republicans were celebrating the governor's win in the important swing state, knowing that if Trump had won the winner-take-all state, he would be unstoppable. As indicated above, however, Trump and Cruz want him to step aside.


Democratic Primary

Although pundits were wondering if Bernie Sanders could pull off another upset like he did in Michigan, Hillary Clinton won four of Tuesday night's five Democratic contests. Sanders did, however, manage to virtually tie Clinton in Missouri.

Delegate Count (R)

Trump - 661

Cruz - 406

Kasich - 142

Delegate Count (D)

Clinton - 1,599

Sanders - 844

Primary Schedule 

Tuesday, March 22 - American Samoa (R convention), Arizona, Idaho Caucus (D), Utah 

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