Privilege on Parade: Chelsea Handler Throws Away Three Pairs of New Balance Shoes Because of Trump

Posted: Feb 13, 2017 3:15 PM

Fresh off of waving some Nordstrom bags in front of the White House, comedian Chelsea Handler is back at it again. This time, her target is New Balance.

While her Nordstrom stunt was at least timely, Handler is several months behind on this "controversy" regarding New Balance sneakers. Back in November, fresh off of Trump's victory, the CEO of New Balance said something complementary about Donald Trump's proposed business policies compared to what they faced during the Obama administration. Given that New Balance makes their shoes in America, it makes sense that they'd appreciate policies that would promote American manufacturing--considering all of their competitors make their shoes overseas. Anyhow, due to these comments, people burned their sneakers. Now, three months later, Handler has joined in.

People were quick to call out Handler for purportedly destroying three perfectly good pairs of shoes because of politics.

I mean, honestly. It's a pair of shoes. It is not an endorsement of Trump's political beliefs. New Balance is an American company that employs Americans to make shoes in the United States. Other running shoes are made in sweatshops with horrible worker conditions. Is that somehow preferable to wearing a shoe whose owner said something nice about the president of the United States?

This whole virtue signaling needs to stop. Like I wrote the other day, this new meme of attempting to destroy people's lives and careers for saying something friendly about Donald Trump needs to stop. It's getting annoying and it's not making society any better.

Wear the shoes if you like them, Chelsea. Nobody should be judging you for them.

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