Chelsea Handler "Trolls" White House With Nordstrom Bags

Posted: Feb 11, 2017 12:00 PM

Comedian Chelsea Handler "trolled" President Donald Trump on Thursday, posing with "a gay" and "a Muslim" with some Nordstrom bags in front of the White House. The Nordstrom bags were a reference to how the retailer recently stopped carrying products from Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Several other retailers have also dropped the line, citing poor sales. Ivanka Trump (and several other companies with connections to Donald Trump) are listed as targets of various boycott campaigns.

A Jew and a Gay went to pick a Muslim up from the airport, headed straight to Nordstrom, and then headed over to @whitehouse to give our thanks! @POTUS! @quinnmurphy

So brave, Chelsea. So brave. Look at you, looking out for the little guy. Geeze Louise.

Handler threatened to move to Spain if Donald Trump were elected president, but later changed her mind and announced that she'd be staying in the United States to fight his policies. (Or to film another season of her TV show; it's anyone's guess.)

At the Women's March on Washington, Handler said that she would never have First Lady Melania Trump on her show, as she "can barely speak English." Melania Trump is the first immigrant first lady and was born in Slovenia. She's fluent in five languages, including English.

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