Mayor of Rochester, NY "Thanks" Susan B. Anthony For Paving The Way on Women's Suffrage

Posted: Jul 28, 2016 5:30 PM

Suffragette Susan B. Anthony is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York. I've written before about the sweet tribute female voters leave on her headstone on Election Day. Now, with Hillary Clinton as the first female nominee for president from a major party, another tribute has appeared at her gravesite: a letter from Lovely Warren, the first female mayor of Rochester. The letter thanks Anthony for helping to pave the way for increased female participation in politics. Visitors to the gravesite were given the chance to sign their names in thanks as well.

Warren also points out that less than 150 years after Anthony was arrested for voting, America could very well have a female president.

Regardless of a person's thoughts on Clinton, this is still a very nice tribute for an early pioneer in women's rights.