Move, Counter-Move

Posted: Dec 20, 2012 2:19 PM

As much as I oppose any tax increase on any American -- much as President Obama once did -- it seems to me that there is at least some political merit in Speaker Boehner's bringing "Plan B" to a vote in the Congress.  If President Obama vetoes it, we go over the cliff because of what he did.  Majority Leader Reid refuses to bring it up in the Senate, to amend it so that a House-Senate compromise can be reached, it's on him.  They're refusing to support, or negotiate based on, a plan they once supported because they think there's political advantage, for them, in inflicting pain on a large number of Americans when all the Bush tax cuts expire and we go over the cliff. . . and because Democrats always want more taxes on more people, not fewer taxes on anyone.

If the press reports with even any modicum of accuracy on this, it's going to be clear who's seeking political advantage rather than a solution.  The GOP has already caved on the concept of tax increases.  Where is any comparable concession on the part of Democrats?

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