Posted: Aug 02, 2010 10:05 AM
President Obama doesn't think that voters are giving his administration the credit it deserves for the legislation that's been passed -- healthcare, and so much, much more.

Obviously, that's obtuse.  The President seems to be playing by the old political rule book, the one that says that voters punish government if it fails to do enough -- the old "do nothing Congress" meme.

The President can argue that he and his followers have done plenty. But the problem -- for him -- is that that's why voters are unhappy.  People are aware of what the administration has done, and they don't like it.

Sure, VP Biden can argue that, when it comes to all the legislation rammed through the past 19 months, the problem is that people "don't know what it means yet".  But doing so just reinforces the perception that he and the President are out-of-touch.  And, more damningly, that they think the American people are stupid.  They're not.