Secrecy, and a Lot of Back-Patting

Posted: Aug 03, 2008 12:34 PM
The WaPo's Ann Kornblut reports today on the workings of the Obama campaign team.  It will be interesting in coming days to see whether there is more here than meets the eye, but the piece hints at some real dissatisfaction among Democrats with the campaign's conduct.

Is it just DC insiders miffed at the absence of leaks and the atmosphere of secrecy?  That's possible.  But there's also the real chance that those outside the Obama campaign circle are getting tired of a group that seems to take victory for granted -- EgObamania in another form, as demonstrated by the story about growing Dem concerns at Obama's failure to extend his lead.

What comes through clearly is the sense of self-congratulation among the Obama team at the absence of infighting, at least so far.  But rather than all the back-patting, it might want to consider the following, less comforting question:  If the McCain campaign has so far been generally lackluster, and the Obama team is so spectacularly discreet, cohesive and grand, what does it say about the quality of their candidate that the polls are tied?