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Hillary's Shameless Interview With Leftist Loon April Ryan

Democratic National Convention via AP

Hillary Clinton and her tin hat sat for an interview with reporter April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Networks. Former President Bill Clinton, Hillary's rape-accused philandering husband, appeared by her side.

The former secretary of state accused Trump of using fear to rile up his supporters, before telling Democrats that they need to vote as if their lives depend on it, "because you know what they do. They truly do," said Hillary. Later in the interview, Hillary warned that we will no longer have a democracy if Trump wins re-election and called the president a "clear and present danger" to our freedoms and liberties. Yeah, it sounds like Trump is the one stoking fear, Hillary.

Bill chimed in, expressing his own disbelief over the recent events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Kyle Rittenhouse stands accused of shooting three rioters who appear in video footage to be attacking him. Bill can't understand why Rittenhouse, who nonviolently surrendered himself to police officers, wasn't shot by cops like Jacob Blake was. Police say Blake fought with officers, placed a cop in a headlock, resisted two taser attempts to subdue him, and was reaching for a knife inside his vehicle before cops resorted to deadly force. Yeah. That's a real mystery, Bill.

Running with Bill's nonsense, leftist journalist Ryan told the Clintons that she believes President Trump "is stoking a race war and ground zero is Portland, Oregon." Bill agreed with Ryan's assessment, but Hillary, who must still have political aspirations, said only that she believes Trump is using fear to gin up his supporters. 

Do these people think Trump supporters are the ones terrorizing cities? They act like Antifa and BLM rioters have been the ones staying home for the past few months and it's Trump supporters going out killing people, tearing down statues, looting businesses, setting fires, and throwing bombs at cops. If anyone is trying to "start a war," I'm thinking it's the people throwing Molotov cocktails

Bill then managed to complain about too many Americans dying from the coronavirus without mentioning the four Democratic governors who decided to send COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. The Justice Department is now reviewing those deadly decisions.  

Hillary, the bitter hag who claims to be so worried about our democracy, repeated her call to Joe Biden not to concede the election "under any circumstances." Hillary said the Russians were helping Trump last time and are helping Trump again this year. She made no mention of China or Iran's efforts to help Biden win the presidency.

"We're not going to be able to have a conversation with these people, right now," Hillary said, in response to Ryan's comments about Trump supporters going into leftist riots. Hillary doesn't believe in talking to deplorables.

"That's why we have to win. We have to win because by winning we reject not just Donald Trump but what he stands for and what he stands for by unleashing [hatred]," Hillary said. 

If a presidential candidate and their message are rejected after they lose an election, then why is Hillary and everything she believes in still around?

Ryan concluded the interview by asking Hillary if Trump's "crimes against humanity" should bring him before the Hague's International Criminal Court. Even Hillary balked at that idea, probably since her and Bill have had enough legal troubles of their own just under US law. 

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