Volunteers Clean Up Minneapolis After Rioters Trash the City

Posted: May 30, 2020 6:15 PM

A large group of volunteers is helping clean up the mess left by rioters in Minneapolis. Video shows a large number of volunteers armed with brooms and trash bags cleaning up the broken glass, trash, and whatever else looters left behind after rampaging through parts of Minneapolis on Thursday and Friday nights. 

Julio covered the chaos as the mob hurled projectiles at police, set fires, looted business, and vandalized parts of the city. The "protest" was ostensibly over the recent death of George Floyd, but, as Julio reported, many were there just for the looting.

"I have seen Black Lives Matter protesters repeatedly try to stop rioters from causing trouble. However, the rioters appear to outnumber those who are just interested in peacefully protesting," Julio reported.

As the looters enjoy their stolen items, volunteers are now stepping forward to help the hundreds of businesses recover from the damage. Small business owners have set up GoFundMe campaigns while larger retailers, like Target, will remain closed. Many religious people are among the volunteers, even as church services were finally allowed to resume in Minnesota this weekend for the first time since March 18. 

Volunteers are also stepping up in other cities damaged by rioters over the past few days. 

On Sunday, President Trump warned liberal governors and mayors to step up efforts to quell the violence or risk federal government stepping in.

The president's warning comes after St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said during a press conference on Saturday that every protester arrested in his city Friday night had traveled from out-of-state.