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WATCH: Minneapolis Protests Devolve Into Riots, Police Respond With Tear Gas and Flashbangs

Minneapolis, Minn. — Riots once again broke out in Minneapolis on Thursday night in response to George Floyd death's while he was in Minneapolis police custody. Videos from bystanders showed an officer kneeling down on Floyd's neck while he was handcuffed and on the ground.


As I previously told Matt, the day saw three types of groups who had gathered outside the Minneapolis police's 3rd precinct building. There were Black Lives Matters protesters who are only interested in peacefully protesting, there were those who are part of the protest and also had participated in the looting. The last group comprised of people who were just interested in looting the nearby stores and rioting against police.

But as the day turned into night, those who just wanted to protest left the area and those who wanted to cause destruction and mayhem increased in number.

The situation boiled over after the rioters tore down the fencing around the police building and police responded with tear gas and flashbangs. Rioters responded by throwing projectiles, such as rocks, bottles, and fireworks.

It was then decided for the officers to evacuate the building and convoy out of the area. Rioters chased down the vehicles and continued to throw projectiles. Once the area was completely cleared of law enforcement, rioters began to wreak havoc on the precinct. They smashed windows and were trying to set the building on fire.


At one point, the mob was able to break open one of the doors and get inside the building, but officers had left them a surprise. Before the officers left, they had set off a large number of tear gas canisters inside, prompting many of the rioters to quickly exit the building.

The 3rd precinct building was eventually set ablaze and rioters rejoiced, taking pictures and celebrating in front of the burning building.


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