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AP Photo/Lorin Eleni Gill, File

Many Americans are – rightfully – upset that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to break San Francisco's Wuhan coronavirus rules so she could get a wash and blowout at a local hair salon. Not only did she show up to a business that wasn't supposed to be open (thanks, local government!) but she failed to wear a mask, something she's repeatedly championed. To make matters even worse, San Fransisco Mayor London Breed (D) is going to bat for Pelosi.


"We have a terrorist, we have a dictator who is running this country and Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront fighting against this person everyday, you know, and I'm not trying to excuse what happened," Breed told ABC 7. "I'm just saying that to allow an issue like this to turn our city upside down when we got folks who are homeless, we've got people who can't open their business, including these salons. I understand."

Hair dryers were hung from the trees outside of Pelosi's home, which have since been removed. Salon workers protested about the absurdity being this whole saga.

Instead of admitting what Pelosi did was wrong and shouldn't have happened, Breed said it's "time for people to move on."

"I get that they have these feelings, they are voicing their feelings, but we are doing the very best we can and I know that's not good enough for them, I understand," Breed said. "I get it, but at the end of the the day, it is really time for us to move on."

Most people would have "moved on" from this story if the speaker didn't claim the entire thing was a setup. The stylist decided to chime in and throw the salon owner under the bus for speaking out about the hypocrisy, which also added fuel to the fire.


If Pelosi really wanted us to move on, she would have admitted she was wrong, apologized and gone about her business. She wouldn't have tried to defend her actions. But that's the difference. She doesn't believe she did anything wrong. She believes she's above the rest of us because she's Speaker of the House. She believes she can make rules but not follow them.

That, folks, is the difference between politicians and the rest of us.

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