CNN: Hillary Clinton Drops Below 270 In Electoral Map

Matt Vespa
Posted: Nov 04, 2016 3:30 PM
CNN: Hillary Clinton Drops Below 270 In Electoral Map

Things continue to look good for Donald Trump, though the window to gain the edge grows slimmer by the hour. Clinton is holding a three-point lead over the GOP nominee in the latest Washington Post/ ABC News poll, but she’s dropped below 270 in CNN’s latest electoral map. Clinton’s hold on the Electoral College has been broken again. At the same time, she still commands the board with 268 electoral votes, meaning that the pressure on Trump to win North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and helpfully clinch New Hampshire is greater than ever. It’s do or die. If Trump could also manage to take Nevada, he wins (via CNN):

Maine's 2nd Congressional District moves from "battleground" to "lean Republican"

-- New Hampshire moves from "lean Democrat" to "battleground"

-- Ohio moves from from "battleground" to "lean Republican"

-- Utah from "battleground" to "lean Republican"


Clinton's electoral vote total is at 268 when you add up all the states that are solidly or leaning in her direction and Donald Trump's is 204 when you combine all the states that are solidly or leaning in his direction. That leaves six remaining battleground contests worth a total of 66 electoral votes in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and the second congressional district in and around Omaha, Nebraska.

Over at Real Clear Politics, their map moved Pennsylvania into the toss-up column, with some pollsters also saying that Virginia is still in play, though the Old Dominion might be decidedly Clinton country by this point. And it would be better if Trump focus on the states where he has a chance. Colorado may be one of those states. Despite Clinton commanding a decisive lead in some polls last month in the Centennial State, her support seems to have collapsed. On the Real Clear Politics average, she’s only ahead by 2.6 points. In a poll conducted by the University of Denver, Trump and Clinton are tied at 39 percent. This race is tightening, but again, it’s a question of whether Trump’s momentum has begun too late. Nevertheless, Clinton is not untouchable–and Democratic enthusiasm has taken a nosedive