Dana Loesch Says Media, Violent Criminals Shouldn't Mess With Gun-Owning Moms

Matt Vespa
Posted: Sep 11, 2015 10:42 AM
Dana Loesch Says Media, Violent Criminals Shouldn't Mess With Gun-Owning Moms

Call it a rallying cry, a critique of the media, or an ad that just plain supports one of America’s oldest civil rights; The Blaze’s Dana Loesch declares that as a mother, there is nothing more American than having the freedom to defend your family by exercising your Second Amendment rights.

Loesch hits the media for its coverage of gun politics in America. She notes how the media is silent when a mother wielding a firearm protects herself from a violent offender. Yet, if she’s unarmed and tragically killed in a confrontation, “the cameras will be at the scene before the police.” She wants gun-owning moms to speak out and challenge the media on their false narratives about the Second Amendment.

Overall, women in general are starting to exercise their Second Amendment rights across the country. They’ve been described as the next big thing in the gun industry, and that bet has paid off. Concerning self-defense, women have been responsible for a surge in gun ownership in states, like Colorado–and have contributed to a 270 percent increase in concealed carry permits since 2007. It’s a trend that’s occurring across the country.

Yes, it’s no secret that women are the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. It’s an aspect that really doesn’t help progressives when they accuse the National Rifle Association of being the domestic abusers lobby (an absurd allegation), or any attack associated with the so-called “war on women.” How can there be one when ladies across the country are stocking up on firearms?

Fifty-one percent of white, middle class women feel that a gun in the home makes them safer. That is quite the political hurdle concerning getting any new gun control legislation passed. As many commentators have noted, it’s almost political suicide to try and ban things that white, middle class women support. Throw gun-owning mothers into the mix and you’re bound to see an anti-gun train wreck occur.

Last Note: Sorry, folks; I forgot to mention this bit.  It's not just caucasians who are exercising their Second Amendment rights.  There's evidence that shows nonwhites are obtaining their concealed carry permits twice as fast as whites. Moreover, blacks and Hispanics are lining up for their concealed carry permits in Chicago, with the zip code with the highest concentration of CCW permits in Chicago being a predominant nonwhite neighborhood. It should come as no shock given the Windy City is being plagued by a surge in shootings and homicides.

Everyone is exercising their Second Amendment rights–and that's a good thing. Be safe, follow the law, and carry on