GOP Wave: Republicans Take the Senate

Posted: Nov 04, 2014 11:33 PM

West Virginia. Montana. South Dakota. Colorado. Arkansas. Iowa.

UPDATE: North Carolina.

Those six seven states, won by Republicans and previously held by Democrats, have given the GOP a majority in the United States Senate. There are a few too close to call, and some that will go to run-off, but barring a Democrat sweep of every state that's still out and a Greg Orman victory over Pat Roberts, there will be a new majority in the Senate come January.

And, of course, barring a strange power struggle, Sen. Mitch McConnell - who survived what was supposed to be a close race in and of itself - will emerge as the new Senate Majority Leader. And Sen. Harry Reid, the current majority leader, might have his leadership position come into jeopardy.

We'll have to see what the Democrats do in the lame duck session, and what "executive powers" that President Obama will attempt to exercise, but we're looking at an entirely new governing body. A new majority, and a new paradigm.

There are a few states still out that could give the GOP an incredibly powerful majority, which would be important for playing defense in 2016. Alaska, Louisiana and Virginia are either going to a run-off or are too close to call. We're seeing more and more calls, though - so stay tuned.

The wave is here.


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