Trump Advisor Predicts Who Would Be the President's Biggest Challenge in 2020. And Why.

Posted: Dec 31, 2018 8:08 AM
Trump Advisor Predicts Who Would Be the President's Biggest Challenge in 2020. And Why.

Several Democratic politicians, and celebrities, have already hinted that they'd consider running against President Trump in 2020. Steve Cortes, President of President Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council, predicts who'd give 45 the biggest run for his money.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has the experience, likability, and blue collar connection that would pose the biggest problem for Trump campaign, Cortes said on CNN Monday. He called the former vice president Trump's "most formidable adversary." 

Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle appeared to agree and added that the Democrat on the 2020 ticket will have to win the elusive Obama coalition that largely consists of African-American and Hispanic voters. Specifically, Doyle said, the Democratic ticket will have to win back the Obama voters who voted for Trump. People were "angry" in 2016, Doyle said, and Trump took advantage of it. As she describes it, voters were fed up with Washington politics and were willing to "roll the dice with him."

But, after two years of a Trump presidency, Doyle said this time prior political experience will be "an advantage." 

"Resume and experience are no longer dirty words," she noted. 

Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders fit that bill, as do plenty of other Democrats mulling a run, including a few other current senators.

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Iowa caucusgoers seem to think the same thing, according to a recent CNN/Des Moines Register poll. Biden came in first among 20 potential Democratic candidates at 32 percent, followed by Sen. Sanders at 19 percent. Additionally, 49 percent said the right person to defeat Trump should be a "seasoned political hand" rather than a "newcomer."