Brazile Still Denies Giving Hillary Debate Questions

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 9:45 AM
Brazile Still Denies Giving Hillary Debate Questions

The Oscar-winning film La La Land may as well have added Donna Brazile to its cast. The former CNN contributor, who over the weekend handed over her DNC chair duties to Tom Perez, is still denying that she was guilty of foul play during last year's Democratic primary. When asked about her collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign during an interview with Politico, Brazile used the word "allegedly" in response to questions about how she provided the campaign debate details.

"You know, I think there's always a lot of confusion when something is put out in a dump of emails that trickles out," she said. "So, the first answer is an easy answer. Did CNN provide Donna Brazile or any other contributor debate questions? No. I've never received questions from CNN. I've made that very clear, I've made that very plain."

"[T]he emails that were allegedly sent to me or sent from me, you know, told a story but it didn't tell a complete story," she said.

Um, we all saw the emails. In her correspondence with the Clinton team, Brazile is clearly sharing a debate question for a CNN town hall with the candidate. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders was left to do debate prep on his own. 

Brazile has repeatedly questioned the authenticity of the emails, but there must be some truth to them if it was enough for CNN to let her go.

Progressives already incensed by the DNC's apparent bias toward Hillary Clinton were not pleased with the weekend's DNC chair race results. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, they claim, is merely taking the baton for the establishment.