'Covfefe' License Plates Banned in Georgia

Posted: Jun 27, 2017 8:00 PM
'Covfefe' License Plates Banned in Georgia

At the end of last month, President Donald Trump's innocent-enough typographical error "covfefe" became the most bizarre of memes. The National Spelling Bee champion was asked (and tried her best) to spell it on cable TV. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to explain any hidden meaning. Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois introduced the "COVFEFE Act" to archive presidential tweets. It became a synonym for a party. (Admittedly, I kind of liked this one.) And, weirdly enough, people got license plates of Trump's best-attempt to spell "coverage."

People got license plates--except in Georgia, where it's apparently been banned as a prohibited term for vanity plates, along with things like racial slurs, "KKK," and sexual references. Interestingly enough, variations of "covfefe," such as "c0vfefe" and "c0vf3f3," are also banned.

Seven variations of the nonsensical word tweeted by President Donald Trump appear on a list that the state provided to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month, following the AJC’s request for a copy of the state’s list of banned license plates. 

So, along with “H0TBODY,” “2SXC4U,” “BUTT,” “KKK” and “PERVERT” on the list of 8,000-plus banned plate combinations are “C0VFEFE,” “C0VFEF3,” “C0VFEVE,” “C0VF3FE,” “C0VF3F3,” “C0VVEFE” and “C0VVEFE.”

What a load of covfefe, I mean, really. 

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Rachel Alexander

What's the use of banning a nonsense word? It's not a slur. It's not inappropriate. It's just a typo. This is a waste of the government's time.