Facepalm: CNN Had The Spelling Bee Champ Spell "Covfefe"

Posted: Jun 02, 2017 4:55 PM

We live in incredibly stupid times.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet that launched a thousand memes:

"Covfefe" was suddenly everywhere. Sean Spicer was asked about it. Someone mocked up an impressively hilarious IKEA instruction manual. Pokemon parodies were made. Newsweek even said we'd be telling our grandkids about the presidential typo. (What?)

...and CNN's "New Day" even had the Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion Ananya Vinay take a crack at it.

While Vinay had no problem with "gifblaar," and "marocain" during Thursday night's bee, she was stumped by Trump's nonsense typo word, spelling it c-o-f-e-f-e. (Because of course she did. It's not a word. It's a not a word. It should not be a thing. Stop making this a thing.) To Vinay's credit, she was far more composed about the whole thing than the ridiculous situation merited.

Mediaite credits this clip with killing the meme, and I hope to God they're right.

Congratulations on the win, Ananya. Don't let CNN hosts troll you.