Here's What Hunter's Latest Email Dump Revealed About Joe's Involvement in Chinese Business Dealings

Posted: Dec 12, 2020 1:40 PM
Here's What Hunter's Latest Email Dump Revealed About Joe's Involvement in Chinese Business Dealings

Source: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

In emails dating Sept. 21, 2017, Hunter Biden asked the former general manager of an office building in Washington, D.C., to provide office keys to former Vice President Joe Biden, former First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Jim Biden, the former veep's brother. According to the emails obtained by the Daily Caller, Hunter Biden referred to Joe Biden and Gongwen Dong, the chairman of the Chinese energy company CEFC, as "office mates."

please have keys made available for new office mates:

Joe Biden Jill Biden Jim Biden

Gongwen Dong (Chairman Ye CEFC emissary)

The Biden Foundation

Hudson West (CEFC US)

The lease will remain under my company's name Rosemont Seneca.

if you need information on the individuals above please refer to their wiki pages

The response from the general manager, Cecilia Browning, responded to Hunter's request:


We are very excited and honored to welcome your new colleagues!

Just to confirm you would like

1. Four more keys

2. Change of name on the door and in the north entrance – please note that there will be a charge for having the new signage made and installed

Is that in addition to the key that was requested yesterday as a replacement key?

Best regards,


The new emails call into question whether or not Joe Biden had any involvement in his son's international business dealings. Back in October, Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden's former business partner, said the Biden family has been compromised.

"I'm making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family. Vice President Biden, his brother Jim Biden and his son Hunter Biden in dealings with the Chinese. I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have first-hand knowledge of this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden," he said at the time.

The Truth be Cancelled
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Remember: Bobulinski received the email referring to the former veep as the "Big Guy" who had a 10 percent stake in the joint venture known as "SinoHawk Holdings," which was comprised of Hunter Biden and the CEFC. According to Bobulinski, the goal of the new company was "to partner with another firm on 'global and/or domestic' projects involving 'infrastructure, energy, financial services and other strategic sectors,' the documents show."