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I told you so. It's become crystal clear I was right on the money. I've said for two years now on my national radio show that the best thing that could ever happen for the Mexican drug cartels would be a Democratic presidential victory. 


Mexican drug kingpins have waited their entire lives for this fantasy. They must be singing, dancing and toasting champagne right now, because President Joe Biden is the greatest gift ever bestowed upon the Mexican cartels.

Experts estimated the money made on drug trafficking by the cartels at around $500 billion a year. That's half a trillion dollars a year -- "trillion" with a T.

Who quotes that figure? Republican senators. See what Georgia Sen. David Purdue said in 2019: "At half a trillion dollars -- $500 billion -- that makes the cartel business and the drug traffic just in Mexico alone coming across to the United States bigger than Walmart, to put it in perspective. So this is larger than our largest companies."

But that figure is bipartisan. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein quotes a figure in a similar range: "The illicit drug trade is a business, valued at anywhere between $426 and $652 billion."

That was all before Joe Biden's lax open-borders policies.

But that's just drugs. What about human trafficking? Nearly 100,000 migrants crossed the U.S. border in just the past month. Multiply 100,000 migrants times 10,000 ($10,000 is a common going rate for smuggling humans). That's $1 billion for human trafficking in a month. Now add in child sex trafficking.

So, what are the cartels willing to pay to keep the borders open and the dollars flowing? I'm a businessman. I always pay a 5% to 10% finder's fee to whoever brings me business. I'm sure it works exactly the same way with Mexican drug lords, human traffickers, sex traffickers and pedophiles.


There's a lot of money on the line here. How much did Trump's strict border policies cost the Mexican drug cartels? Tens of billions? Hundreds of billions? By comparison, how much extra money will Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress's open-borders policies earn the Mexican drug cartels? This is like Christmas morning for organized crime.

Our country has clearly been sold out by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. This is just pure common sense. The only real question is, how much is the Mexican drug cartel paying?

Don't take my word for it. Just days ago, a U.K. Daily Mail headline read, "Even Mexico thinks Biden is too lax on asylum. Mexican leader fears 'Migrant President' Biden will spark boom time for cartels ..."

A Border Patrol agent reports that illegal immigration this year has already surpassed that of 2018 and is on track to surpass that of 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined.

Trust me, it's going to get much worse. Millions more are surely coming. Maybe tens of millions. With Biden's sanctuary city policies, they might never be deported. And they could each potentially bring in hundreds of their relatives and friends. They could all get on a fast track to citizenship, and if they become citizens, they could get welfare from cradle to grave.

If this is allowed to stand, America is finished. The entire economy will collapse. America will be a foreign country ... to Americans.


Now I ask you -- use your common sense: Why is this happening? Why would any sane president or political party want to encourage an invasion that will overwhelm our country and risk disease and death -- let alone in the middle of a pandemic? This is insanity.

Obviously, someone's getting filthy rich on this scam to destroy America. We know the Mexican drug cartels are making hundreds of billions. This is the dream of a lifetime for them. Who's getting bribed inside the USA to allow this to happen? Who would you pay if you were a Mexican drug cartel kingpin?

I'm guessing it's the same guy who sold America out to the Ukrainian mob and the Chinese communists. And the same group that sold Uranium One to the Russians. And the same group that sold us out to Iran with the world-class terrible Iran treaty. 

It's Biden, the Biden family and the Democratic Party.

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