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Unhinged Liberals Can't Even Accept Super Bowl

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Don’t look now but liberals lost- again. And Donald Trump just won- again. His winning streak continues.

Will liberals blame Putin and Russia for rigging the Super Bowl?


What does Trump have to do with the Super Bowl? The New England Patriots are Trump’s team. And everyone knows it.

Even Trump himself admitted before the biggest game in America that he was rooting for the Patriots and his friends Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft, Coach Bill Belichick, and superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

The media knows it. They tried to ask Tom Brady and Coach Belichick about Trump about twenty times during the players' interviews on Super Bowl media day.

All of Boston knows it. Kraft, Belichick and Brady all took heat and received a ton of hate mail for openly supporting Trump. Brady even boldly featured a red “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker for the media to see.

Bill Maher certainly knows it. In his closing monologue on Friday’s HBO show he went on a 5-minute tirade cursing Kraft, Belichick and Brady for supporting Trump. Maher admitted he hates football, but in this one case, he would root hard for the Atlanta Falcons because New England is Trump’s team. He screamed “F Trump and F Brady and F the Patriots.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows it. The liberal commissioner who allows his players to disrespect the American flag is certainly no Donald Trump conservative or patriot (excuse the pun). He just happens to be mortal enemies with Patriots' owner Kraft and Tom Brady.

Standing on the victory stand after the game, Goodell was unmercifully booed by the Super Bowl crowd. 


He is the most despised commissioner in all of sports. The same crowd oozed love for Kraft, Belichick and Brady.

The Patriots’ Super Bowl victory was as miraculous as Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The Pats were losing 21-0 to start the game…and 28-3 in the second half. In the history of the NFL postseason, teams losing by 19 or more had a record of 0-93 until Sunday.

Like Trump, the Patriots ignored the odds and fought relentlessly.

No one thought Trump could win late in the race. But I did. I predicted a miraculous Brexit-like win for Trump in hundreds of media interviews across the country. When Trump won, I was rewarded with the biggest winning wager of my career.

As a successful Las Vegas oddsmaker, success is about gut instincts. I had a feeling this was Trump’s year. After hearing Bill Maher’s rant, I decided to bet double or nothing on the New England Patriots. Once again I was rewarded for having faith in "the power of Trump."

Trump was right. He promised his fans, "We're going to win so much…we’ll all get sick of winning!" It's happening.

The Patriots' amazing once-in-a-lifetime comeback victory was just another lesson for Washington, D.C. politicians...


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