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This time it’s bad. The FBI has Hillary dead to rights. She’s been caught in a “Dikileaks scandal.” Weiner did her in. Who knew?

How bad is it? It’s so bad that the FBI Director made the decision to announce this investigation 11 days before a presidential election. It’s that bad. Even Carl Bernstein has come to the same conclusion- he says this could not have happened unless the FBI has uncovered a bombshell against Hillary.


How bad is it? A reporter for The Chicago Tribune just asked her to step down for the good of the nation.

How bad is it? Wikileaks promises a shocking bombshell this week that makes this scandal pale by comparison.

Remember John Gotti- the so-called ‘Teflon Don.” The government tried to nail him for years, with no success. They needed his best friend and partner in crime to turn on him to finally nail Gotti. When Sammy "the bull" Gravano testified against Gotti, it was over. Gotti went to prison for life.

Well Hillary has a Sammy "the Bull" Gravano in her life. It’s Huma Abedin. Huma is her chief of staff, girl Friday and BFF. If Huma turns, it’s all over for Hillary. Like Gotti, she could spend the rest of her life in prison- because the email violations are only the tip of the iceberg.

Huma knows all the dirt. Huma knows the secret machinations of The Clinton Foundation. She knows dates, times, bribe amounts, from whom and what the people who bribed the Clintons got in return. Huma knows everything.

And Huma is between a rock and a hard place- otherwise known as Anthony Weiner (excuse the pun). Because Huma is in divorce proceedings with Anthony Weiner. I'm betting that Huma had no idea Weiner was making copies of all of her and Hillary's emails- as leverage in the divorce proceedings.


When the FBI raided Weiner's home and grabbed his computer, they got it all. I'm betting Hillary and Huma were blind-sided.

Weiner is fighting for his life. What's his future? Who will ever hire him, for anything? How will he survive financially? So Weiner has no choice- he will turn against Huma and Hillary to save his own skin. He faces many years in prison for sex crimes against a minor. His only “get out of jail card” is to turn "states evidence" against Huma and Hillary.

Then Huma’s only choice is to turn against Hillary. Or face decades in prison.

So Hillary has only a couple of “outs” here…and she has to move fast. Or she will spend the rest of her life in prison (at worst), or fighting off investigations, trials and federal government RICO suits from now until the day she dies (at best).

Hillary out #1: Go to Obama and demand a pardon, or threaten to take Obama down with her.

Hillary option #2: Here’s the remarkable one- Hillary’s best friend and only "out" here may be…

Donald Trump.

What if Obama is angry? What if Obama turns Hillary’s pardon request down and wishes her good luck alone in the world. What if he orders every friend in government and the Democratic Party to stay away from Hillary? What if he orders every government agency to go after her with everything they’ve got?


Then Hillary has only one place to turn…only one hand to play. She can go to Donald and concede the election. Drop out today. Announce to voters she is no longer seeking the office of president of the United States. In return she gets a pardon from the new President Donald Trump.

That’s her hand at this point.

Let's see how Hillary plays it.

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