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Elections are won and lost with branding. Every winning candidate needs a theme that excites voters, triggers an emotional response and perhaps most importantly, one that is memorable.


Thanks to Hillary, we’ve got it.

Trump's army is “THE DEPLORABLES.” These are working class and middle class Americans- law-abiding, salt-of-the-earth people, who work long hours, pay virtually all the taxes, and refuse to ever accept handouts. We believe in personal responsibility and the American Dream of mobility, opportunity and prosperity. We know it only comes from the individual, not government.

Hillary's army is “THE DEPORTABLES.” Her ranks of supporters are made up of freeloaders, foreigners and illegals who commit many of our crimes, and eat up the budget with welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, free meals at school, Obamacare, Obama phones, “earned” income tax credits (for illegals who don’t report any income), income tax refunds (by illegals with stolen taxpayer IDs) and the costs of police, courts and prison.

The country is going down the tubes thanks to Hillary’s voters. They pay nothing into the system, but they take everything out…and then some.

But Hillary and her fellow liberals are liars. They love to cover-up the facts. They claim "illegal immigrants are a net positive for America." And of course there’s the other famous lie- “they come here out of love of family. “

Hillary loves and protects millions of illegals. She won’t build a wall. She won’t deport them- not even the murderers and rapists who make up 30% of our prison population. She defends Sanctuary cities. She would claim “they are coming out of love.” It’s time to debunk that myth right here and now with facts direct from my new book "ANGRY WHITE MALE."


Yes, illegals pour across our porous border “out of love.” But unfortunately it’s a love of our generous welfare system. Illegal immigrants not only collect welfare, they collect more in welfare benefits than native-born Americans.

The average immigrant household consumes 33 percent more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more Medicaid dollars than the average native household.

So we are letting people flood across the border to bankrupt our country, to overwhelm our economic system, to create shortages and economic crisis for native-born Americans. As Donald Trump would say, how stupid can we be?

Based on the federal government’s own figures, illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in welfare benefits each year vs. $4,431 for American households.

All immigrant households- both legal and illegal- receive welfare benefits 41% higher than Americans.

Overall 51% of households headed by immigrants receive welfare vs. 30% of native-born American households.

We are told day and night that Hispanic immigrants are hard-working. I agree. We are told they take the jobs no Americans want. That may be true. We are told they work for low wages. That is true. But those low wages at menial jobs are being supplemented by the middle class. They aren’t living on those low wages. They are living on low wages, PLUS massive welfare payments.


Here’s a remarkable fact- Mexican and Central American immigrants collect the highest welfare of any group of immigrants in America, with an average annual household welfare benefit of $8,251, 86% higher than households of native-born Americans.

Where does all the money come from to pay for all this? It comes from one source- the predominantly white middle class. Not only are these millions of illegal aliens taking away American jobs; suppressing our middle class wages because they are desperate and willing to work for low wages; but they are able to survive on low or minimum wages because they supplement their low incomes with welfare benefits.

Those benefits are paid for with much higher taxes on the middle class; much higher health insurance cost on the middle class; much higher property taxes on the middle class; much higher sales taxes on the middle class; and much higher national debt- which will be paid back by even higher taxes on the children and grandchildren of the American middle class, who will be made poorer.

This is the murder of the middle class.

It is a national disgrace and disaster. But one thing it’s not is a coincidence, or bad luck, or bad timing. This is a plan. The predominantly white middle class is the target. This is about income redistribution, social justice and revenge. This is about filling the country with foreigners who are dependent on welfare from big government, and therefore can always be counted on to vote Democrat for higher taxes, bigger welfare checks and ever-bigger government.


To write this, to report this, isn’t “racism.” This is simply the truth about what is happening to America and the predominantly white middle class. It doesn’t make any group “bad.” It’s not an attack on Hispanics. It’s not an attack on foreigners.

I’m simply reporting the facts. This is happening. One group- guilty white liberals- are trying to “fundamentally change America.” And it’s working. Another group is being targeted and destroyed on a daily basis- the predominantly white middle class.

This isn’t guesswork. It’s not my opinion. It’s real, it’s happening. It’s the reason for the angry white male phenomenon. And it’s the very foundation of The Donald Trump phenomenon

Who's side are you on? It’s a simple choice. The future of America depends on your decision…


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