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How Donald Trump Can Take Down Both Hillary...and Obama

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Hillary was President Obama’s secretary of state. They must have communicated often. Right?

Didn't Hillary ever talk to Obama over email or cell phone about classified or "Top Secret" business of the United States? They must have discussed national security issues, right?


I'm betting yes. If so, the mainstream media isn’t discussing this but…Obama and Hillary are sinking in the same boat.

The FBI should not have a problem releasing the names of who sent and received emails from Hillary, while keeping the contents under wraps. I would guess Obama is on that list. Since Obama was president and Hillary was his secretary of state, they had to have spoken about matters of national security. How exactly did they do that?

Did Obama ever send Hillary an email? If so, didn't he know it was going to a private server? Did he ever text or talk to Hillary over her nonsecure private cell phone?

This is a job for Donald Trump.

Donald knows how to get the media's attention. He knows how to get the public’s attention too. Donald should ask LOUDLY in the media about how President Obama communicated with Madam Clinton. Because we all now know Hillary was receiving all her emails over the public Internet. Right?

But there’s a big problem with that. That means the president could not communicate with her over the White House classified system. Classified IT systems are not connected to the public Internet. So Obama would have had to have an unsecured computer or cell phone to communicate with Secretary of State Clinton over the public Internet. Right?

And if he used an unsecured computer or cell phone to send classified communications to his secretary of state, then the president also broke the law.

If Hillary sent him classified emails over the public Internet, that means he received them on his personal unsecured computer or cell phone. Right? That would be breaking the law too.


Either way a crime was committed.

At the very least, Obama was certainly aware that his secretary of state was sending or receiving classified communications on a personal account. That makes the president an accessory to the crime.

Remember the law states it doesn't matter if this was intentional, or a simple mistake, or ignorance. Either way…it's a crime.

That brings up another issue. Is Attorney General Loretta Lynch aware of this breach of national security by the president? She must have seen the email trail by now, right? Her office has to decide whether to prosecute Hillary. So she would know if Obama was sending or receiving top secret communications to Hillary's private server.

The thing is…

This would be an impeachable offense for Obama. If Lynch knows and has not disclosed, wouldn’t it be “Obstruction of Justice” by the attorney general?

Security violations are required to be reported immediately to a security officer, so responsive action can be taken. Failure to report a security violation is also a violation. Did the attorney general report this violation? Will Attorney General Lynch investigate herself?

Think about this one for a minute. Who else knew?

Anyone getting emails from Hillary knew. Certainly Vice President Biden was in on the national security email chain. Key national security officials were also all on that chain. So they knew. It was their responsibility to report this security breach by Hillary. If they didn’t, they are all liable for “Obstruction of Justice.”


Here’s one more very real scenario. Could Hillary be blackmailing President Obama? Could she be threatening him that if she goes down, she’ll bring him down too? If Obama approved of Hillary using her own private email and server, he’s a co-conspirator.

Hillary seems awfully confident she’ll never be indicted. Why is she so cocky? Does Hillary think she’s “bullet proof” and the DOJ will never indict her because she’s blackmailing Obama?

Hillary didn't just break the law. She's got everyone involved in a sticky wicket (as the British say). Her crime could bring down the entire Obama administration.

It's time for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to start asking the media...from the highest mountaintops.

It’s time for the FBI to recommend indictments. The only real question is…

Will it be Hillary recommended for indictment?

Or Hillary, Obama and half the Obama administration?

Let's all pray for President Donald Trump. This could get fun.

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