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Last week, Joe Biden announced that he’s officially running for president again. In his new campaign video, Biden had the nerve to cast himself as defending our freedoms. Does he think the American people can’t see right through his cheap political spin? Biden has opposed freedom at every turn. 


This is the same president who tried to force you to choose between getting a shot and providing for your family. This is the same president whose administration worked with far-left teachers’ unions to keep your kids locked out of school. In what universe can the failed leader who wants 87,000 new IRS agents knocking on your door be some kind of freedom fighter? Just a few days before announcing his campaign, Biden suggested that you might not even be free to raise your kids as you see fit – in his word’s, “our nation’s children are all our children.” 

That’s not even the half of it. Biden has frequently spoken out to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights, claiming that citizens who want weapons for self-defense should give them up because they’d “need F-15s” to take on the government. What? He’s been cracking down on gas cars, too – in the words of Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), he’s working to “ban the cars we drive.” Biden wants to have a hand in how you raise your kids, protect your family, and run your business. He doesn’t think you should be able to defend yourself or choose the car that works best for your family. That’s simply unacceptable.

Our great presidents understood that citizens came before government and that freedom wasn’t something that came from Washington, DC. In his famous “A Time For Choosing” speech, President Ronald Reagan warned that Democrats were becoming a “little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital [that think they] can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.” Under Biden, it seems that those fears have come to pass. 


Above all, real America knows that there’s little freedom in a failed economy. After years of skyrocketing inflation, record credit card debt, and economic mismanagement, no one believes that Biden’s wallet-crushing policies are setting us up for success. It’s hard to feel free when bad far-left policies make it harder to make ends meet. The kicker? Biden’s disastrous new budget includes $4.7 trillion in new and expanded taxes. Americans can’t afford that kind of extortion from Biden’s failed government. In fact, over the next 10 years, Biden’s budget would result in over $82 trillion in cumulative federal government spending.

I’m more grateful than ever that Republicans flipped the House in 2022. Under the leadership of Speaker Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans have already voted to repeal Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents, passed the Parents’ Bill of Rights to protect our kids from left-wing indoctrination, and passed the Lower Energy Costs Act to secure America’s energy future. That’s the kind of citizen-first, pro-freedom policy that Americans voted for in 2022 and will vote for again in 2024. 

It comes as no surprise that a career politician – who has spent 50 years living off the taxpayer’s dime and is now announcing his fourth run for president – has lost touch with what freedom means. Biden is more worried about keeping the far-left socialist wing of his party happy than he is about Americans struggling to get by every day. It’s no surprise, but it doesn’t mean that beating him is any less important. Across the nation, Republicans are working overtime to make Biden a one-term president while protecting the House and flipping the Senate in 2024. 


Remember: a vote against Biden is a vote for freedom.

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