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NYC Cops: We Can't Arrest Nude Illegal Alien Panhandlers

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A word of caution for folks planning a family-friendly vacation to New York City -- we've been overrun by a horde of naked street performers.

The New York Post reports topless females and filthy costumed characters have turned Times Square into a haven for seedy shakedown artists.

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The bare-naked broads are lewd and crude -- harassing unsuspecting tourists - especially families. 

"I told you, if you don't have a tip, then f*** off," one woman told a New York Post reporter. 

The costumed characters are even worse cursing out passersby - grabbing grandmas and demanding cash for photos. 

"I just encountered that with Cookie Monster," one Alabama tourist told the New York Post. "I didn't want to get a photo, and he or she or whoever it was, they were very aggressive with me."

And Heaven help the poor soul that gets tickled by Elmo.

Police officers tell the Post there's nothing they can do to stop the panhandlers because they say most of the folks are illegal aliens. 

An NYPD spokesperson refuted that assertion -- noting they have made a number of arrests and issued "hundreds of summons".

Well, clearly whatever they are doing is not working -- and I suspect it's because Mayor Bill de Blasio and the far lefties that run New York City have no intention of arresting an illegal alien. 

And now you see what happens when Democrats rule a city.

They've turned Times Square into a third world National Geographic special. All we're missing is a cheetah chasing a gazelle down 42nd Street. 

So here's my advice - take the family to Dollywood in Tennessee. Folks around Pigeon Forge tend to keep their clothes on -- and they don't have any cheetahs. 

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