Back to School: Let the Left-Wing Indoctrination Begin

Posted: Sep 01, 2015 1:23 PM
Back to School: Let the Left-Wing Indoctrination Begin

It’s no secret that our nation’s public universities want to transform American young people into a bunch of hyper-sensitive, intellectually-neutered cream puffs.

But now – they’re trying to deconstruct gender identity by parsing pronouns.

Across the fruited plain, institutions of higher education are turning their taxpayer-funded fiefdoms into gender neutral zones where free thought is outlawed. I’ve got several incidents to share with you – so pour yourself a glass of iced tea and prepare to be dumbfounded.

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Consider what happened to Moriah DeMartino, a 21-year-old conservative student at Maryland’s Hagerstown Community College.

College officials turned down her request to establish a campus chapter of Turning Point USA, one of the nation’s most influential student non-partisan conservative organizations. Instead, the college suggested she join the political science club.