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The American Dream Party

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Watching the TV with Republican friends on election night was an amazing, validating experience. We each had our doubts. Would the night be a wonderful high or a wake? Could this outsider with no experience and brash style really win? As the numbers solidified and states were called, hope turned to smiles, cheers and heartfelt hugs.


To those whose candidate lost, we know what election disappointment feels like. Hillary Clinton’s strong, gracious speech the morning after defeat was inspiring. Our country is built on the freedom to stand for what we believe, so keep standing for your values and positions by joining the bipartisan dialogue for change. As the loyal opposition, support President Trump when you can and disagree when you must.

Republicans, learn from the mistakes of President Obama. He used his initial majority to quickly pass a slate of liberal changes without even taking the time to talk with Republicans. Obamacare passed without a single GOP Vote. Majorities don’t last. You’ve won the day but lost the overall popular vote. The half of America that voted against you should be heard and involved where you can.

President Trump shows signs of being open to such dialogue. He has promised to be the president of all Americans. During his campaign, he went to places few Republicans go—attending a black church and meeting with the President of Mexico. He was a Democrat before he became a Republican. He ran against the political establishment—the Democrats and the Republicans—the “politicians” who too easily lose touch with the people they were sent to serve.

Yes, changes are coming. He’s helped nail the lid on the political correctness coffin. Donald Trump is who he is! Even if you didn’t like or condone some of his statements and past actions, he connected to real Americans who aren’t afraid of admitting they aren’t perfect either. His rallies were happenings, and they translated into fans who spread his passion for change.


Trump rejected identity politics and promises to serve all Americans. “We the People” deserve the same rights promised in the Constitution—equal rights not equal results. Trump went beyond “Black Lives Matter” to affirm that all lives matter. Trump is no “establishment Republican;” he’s called the “Blue-Collar Billionaire.” As a result, working class Americans voted heavily for Trump.

Trump promises to support the rights of all citizens by appointing Supreme Court Justices that will use the Constitution as their guide. That means an end to using courts to pick winners and losers.

The poor will always be with us and deserve help, but the focus turns from new government programs to restoring self-sufficiency. As Reagan said, we must measure our success not by how many people receive government services, but by how many no longer need it.

Yes, Trump promises to cut taxes for all, including the rich and corporations. But as entrepreneurship and innovation are rewarded and regulations decreased, the economy will grow, jobs will increase, and federal coffers will expand. That’s right, when Reagan reduced taxes, federal tax receipts doubled during his eight years in office. A vibrant economy serves all willing to work and earn their share of the American Dream.

Voters also gave Republicans control of the Senate and the House, but they expect them to be bold in supporting real solutions. A unified government brings opportunity and a responsibility. They won’t have President Obama to blame for inaction. They’re promising to work together to hit the ground running in 2017.


Working with Congress, Democrats and Republicans, Trump wants to Make America GreatAgain. In his acceptance speech, he again reaffirmed a desire to unite the country and be president of all Americans. He deserves a chance to prove he will.

On election night, Jim Cathcart, author of The Self Motivation Handbook, said, “He not only has won the election. He’s changed the Republican Party. If he delivers on his promises, it deserves to be called the American Dream Party.” We can sit back and watch or make change work. As Hillary rightly said, “Stronger together!” May it be so!

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