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This mid-term election was clearly a repudiation of President Obama's"transformational" agenda. The majority of voting Americans were not pleased with the America the Obama administration has created. Americans weren't anti-incumbent; it was Democrat incumbents who felt the wave of voter anger. Democrats lost governorships in Illinois, MA, and Maryland where President Obama helped campaign. The GOP owns majorities in 70 percent of the state legislators. They control both houses of Congress in Washington. America has had enough of this Democrat nightmare.


This election landslide was not a GOP endorsement but a challenge for them to lead in establishing a national agenda that serves and earns America's trust. They'd be wise to take the advice of radio talk-show host and author Dennis Prager: "Every time you cast a vote, vote as though you're not running for reelection."

The GOP voters are eager for change; it's time to deliver one. Congress cannot control President Obama's actions, but they can send him legislation that a majority of Americans support and force Democrats to defend unpopular vetoes.

Be "can do" politicians. Curb your bravado and attacks. Focus on the future--doing what you can with the power and influence you have. Cooperate where you can and make wise choices that will serve the country even if you must go it alone. 

Try these starters:

Energy Policy: Support energy independence in America. Push for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, provide regulatory relief for clean coal, and expedite the exportation of our liquefied natural gas and oil resources.Resist supporting unilateral global warming regulatory initiatives.

Lower Taxes to Support Economic Growth: Put the private sector and free enterprise back to work. Reducing government spending and taxes has always brought economic growth--from Phoenicia to Renaissance Italy, from Hong Kong to Chile and to the Silicon Valley. State-directed commerce and high taxes punish the producers and stifle economies. Simplify and cut income taxes and reduce corporate taxes. Obama's micromanaging of America's economy is hurting the middle class he wants to help. People want good jobs, not handouts or a minimum wage.


Responsible Budgeting: Stop wasting our money. Congress constitutionally holds the purse strings; curtail irresponsible spending. Start by returning to zero-based budgeting, so that instead of annual automatic increases, budgets are established yearly on the basis of critical priorities and past performance in delivering results. Nothing inspires genius like a tight budget.

A True War on Poverty: Support Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to trade dependency creating government welfare entitlements for federally funded assistance for local government programs designed to develop skills, build local community support, and encourage entrepreneurship, occupational training, personal responsibility, and achievement. Measure success not by how many people are dependent on the government, but by how many no longer need support.

Take on Obamacare: After a certain veto to any attempt to rescind Obamacare, get busy repealing what even the president has delayed implementing--the medical device tax, the individual mandate, the employer mandate, and the bailout of the insurance companies on the Obamacare exchanges. Make Congress and the President live under Obamacare.

Support Military Action against Islamic Extremists: Radical Islamic extremists aren't going away. They've been riding a strong horse while we've been limping along on a weak donkey. Push for legislation and appropriations for a new authorization for the use of military force that supports strategic engagement.


Border Security and Immigration Reform: With large majorities rejecting the president going alone and supporting secure borders first, pass a strong border security bill and make President Obama and Democrats veto it. Like India, seek Israel's help in designing a two-fence, high-tech solution to our border security challenge.

A majority of Americans no longer trust President Obama. It's time for Congress to take the lead. Welcome his support when it comes. When he vetoes popular laws, let the Democrats defend their support for those vetoes for two years. Don't worry about the next election; focus on making a difference that serves.

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