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Lawlessness and the Faith of Kim Davis

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Rowan County, Ky. elected official Kim Davis was jailed unjustly. Unjustly, because we live in a society which promotes right as wrong, and wrong as right, and laws are applied to some and not others.

I guess we should ignore that top-down, this country is filled with leftist ideologues who violate laws, yet are not thrown in jail like Ms. Davis.

President Obama blatantly violates immigration laws already on the books. Elected officials across the country do the same in their creation of sanctuary cities, offering lawbreakers safe harbor, not jail time. Officials were not jailed for purportedly allowing Baltimore thugs time and space to destroy personal property. And then there's Hillary Clinton...

In sharp contrast, Ms. Davis made a simple request to have her name removed from marriage licenses for conscious-sake. She asked for religious accommodations and got jail time. Would the outcome be different were she a Muslim? Or an atheist in the Air Force? Or Caitlyn Jenner? It matters not how messy Ms. Davis' pre-conversion past is or to which political party she belongs. It's about principle and the rule of law.

When Davis was elected, both Kentucky's Constitution and statutes concurred with U.S. law that, "Only a marriage between one man and woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage." Then five far-left ideologues posing as Supreme Court Justices danced around the Constitution, arrogantly declaring their opinion, a ruling on a law. They opined they know better than nature and nature's God in matters of marriage. And the next thing you know Kim Davis was in the slammer.

I suppose then, we should overlook that it is unconstitutional for judges to make laws. Although we see overuse and abuse today, the Supreme Court was never meant to overpower state laws according to a small but significant document called the U.S. Constitution. So which law, exactly, authorizes Ms. Davis to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples? Might the same un-law someday authorize her to issue marriage licenses between stuffed animals and humans? Or robots?

How far down this greasy slope must we slide before people finally understand that this lawlessness leads to the kind of tyranny Christians are fleeing from in the Mideast? Without a doubt, the heat's been turned up for Christians.

That Kim Davis is the first woman in American history to be jailed for her Christian faith is not a bad thing. History proves Christianity flourishes best when fires rage the worst. And when it does, God shows up like he did in the book of Daniel. Three faithful young men were thrown into a blazing furnace for civil disobedience in a fire so hot it killed the soldiers escorting them. With zero assurance they'd survive the flames, they stood resolute, refusing to submit. God showed up. As a result, the faith of this faithful trio spread like fireweed across a spiritually-parched land.

Up here in Alaska, post-fire landscapes can be pretty depressing if people forget to remember that beneath the ashes new life lies dormant in soon-to-erupt seeds of brilliant hope bringing healing to a parched land. Fireweed always shows up. In fact, down in the lower 48, just a month after Mt. St. Helens erupted, fireweed poked through two feet of pumice, pebbles and ash that incinerated forests, toppling half-century-old trees. Amidst the rubble regeneration begins.

There's a lot of counterfeits out there, but authentic Christianity is a lot like fireweed. This extravagantly beautiful plant can hardly be destructed because each plant bears around 80,000 seeds which are quickly and easily spread by the wind. And where those seeds land and implant, new life begins -- even in the most dark and desolate of places.

Meaning, there's hope for America, especially now the heat's turned up.

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