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What is it about those who abandon American ideals that they would otherwise hold dear the moment terrorist groups make threats or when a particular point of view stands against theirs in opposition? Is it fear? A lack of moral grounding? Both?


Those who only stand for freedom for likeminded individuals or just up until they feel threatened might do well to analyze what it is they really believe. Will they ever be content living in a place that believes so much in freedom its soldiers are willing to go to the ends of the earth dying to defend it?

But, then again.

The incident in Garland, Texas on May 3 to which the Islamic State terror group [ISIS] claimed responsibility shows us the enemy lives not just in distant lands, but among us. President Obama's reckless approach to illegal immigration and border control and his flim-flam foreign policy is damaging our constitutionally-protected freedoms. Progressive liberals are either too afraid to speak up or condone it with their silence. ISIS not only claimed responsibility for the May 3 terrorist attack at Pam Geller's Freedom of Defense Initiative cartoon contest, but also announced they have a military presence in 15 states wherein followers are "awaiting orders to carry out more operations." Slow to the draw and chronically reactionary, the Obama administration benignly responded by raising the terrorist threat level on military bases across the country.

But wait.

Liberals told us that patting bad guys on the back and trusting them enough to respect our borders would keep us safe. In their world, there are no bad guys, just different. So how's that nonexistent coexistence working out for you?


The last I checked, this is still America. But, you wouldn't know that, listening to the lambasting of Ms. Geller, suggesting she instigated the attack. Implicating Ms. Geller is culpability misplaced. That theory might fly up here in grizzly country if one were dumb enough to leave the trash inside and open the front door where a "welcome" sign hangs above the threshold. Theoretically, that's what the Obama administration has done by keeping borders open and befriending bad guys, believing they'll play nice - just because. Playing nice is not in the vocabulary of those who behead children for sport and silence those having opposing views with guns.

Liberals seem to side with Muslims because they feel sorry for them. In reality, Christians suffer abuse beyond measure these days and liberals mostly remain silent. But, it matters not. Christianity's true followers stand resolved and mostly restrained because they understand who they believe in doesn't need defending. Jesus was cursed, crucified and history proves he rose from the dead on his own - so obviously he doesn't need help defending against detractors.

Consider: The 1987 "Piss Christ" creator was not killed after his depiction of a crucifix submerged purportedly in the photographer's own urine that won a Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art's award which was co-sponsored and co-funded by a U.S. government agency (tax payers), the National Endowment for the Arts. (And atheists lose sleep at night worried about "separation of church and state?")


The Judeo-Christian values America was founded on are a threat to those who loathe us because they stand in direct opposition to theirs. Period. No matter how much we may or may not care for what Ms. Geller did, to suggest she is the problem is a backhanded justification for the idea that it is somehow okay for people to kill others simply because they disagree. In doing so, the enemy wins twice. We willingly submit to their ideology and hand over our freedom at the same time. The only way we can coexist in a pluralistic society is for everyone to agree to disagree peacefully and nonviolently.

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