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The news alert about Kevin McCarthy’s abandonment of his pursuit to become John Boehner’s successor hit my phone just as I was about to go for a run. Rather than read the whole story, I just smiled and hit the pavement. Within the first few steps I wondered how long it would take before the hyperbole-laden garment rending would begin in the left media about conservatives being the death of the Republican Party, congressional compromise, and the frolicsome joy we so love to see in puppies and kittens.


It was a short run, but they were on it by the time I got back.

We’ve reached a point in American history where congressional approval ratings have hovered somewhere at the bottom of a low-flush toilet for years on end yet woe be unto anyone who dares attempt to do anything different on Capitol Hill. It is patently ridiculous to claim that things in Congress are being made worse by conservatives finally demanding they be heard. Congress as a whole would have to travel several miles up in order to hit bottom right now.

One of the big reasons that the Republican Party finds itself in its current position is that it has spent more of its majority time worrying about what the press would think rather than worrying about what the people who actually made them the majority think. Republican leadership consistently misread the mood of almost the entire country on the illegal immigration issue because they were afraid of The New York Times saying mean things about them. It’s this pathetic need for love they’ll never get from people who loathe them that led them to this turmoil, not the uppity conservatives.

The last thing the Democrats or their media mouthpieces want is Republican leadership that will say “No” and truly become the obstructionists that they’ve been lying about the party being for the last six years. So they got to work in earnest as soon as McCarthy quit to nudge their pet weak, cloying Republican moderates and make sure these crazy conservatives never really get a say in the majorities they elected to Congress.


With this in mind, it wasn’t at all surprising that The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and, Reuters, all offered breathless takes on the GOP’s inability to govern, as if that’s what they really want Republicans to be doing. Even less surprising was that some of them got their favorite useful idiot Republican, Rep. Peter King from New York, to slobber on their feet in the hope of getting a treat. King is such a media lap dog that John McCain envies him.

What is happening on the Republican side of the aisle in the House is anything but what the press is describing. Because no one in the media seems to be able to avail themselves of any number of free online thesauri, the word “chaos” began being thrown around almost immediately after McCarthy’s announcement. They’re so on message they can’t even take the time to dress up the talking points with slight variations anymore. This was a classic concerted media effort to make a story something that it isn’t.

Had McCarthy hung around and not been able to get the votes he needed, we would have seen some chaos. What he did was prudent, and the process continues unabated, despite the media’s portrayals to the contrary. The lack of an heir apparent who was willing to be put forth so everything could be wrapped up in one news cycle isn’t chaotic. It’s politics, and sometimes politics is messy.


Which is the way real Americans like it.

The media has been spinning this “Tea Party Will Be The Death Of The GOP” yarn since early days of the movement. Sadly, they are often in sync with Republican leaders in Washington when doing so. Again, that’s how we got here.

How ridiculously off the mark have they been? Before the 2010 midterms the media was screeching about a “far-right” candidate who was leading the Republican Party “in a dogmatic race to the bottom”. This crazy RWNJ was also going to split the GOP vote and cost the party a Senate race that the media and Republican establishment favorite candidate would have won easily, as the story was told.

The media darling was a Republican named Charlie Crist, and the headless horseman Tea Party bogeyman was Marco Rubio.

So you see, the story about the conservatives blowing up the Republican Party is not only stale, it’s usually wrong. In fact, the conservatives are the only reason the GOP didn’t Whig its way into oblivion after the 2008 shellacking.

Conservatives simply want someone to throw a punch in the fight against the progressives’ attempts to march America irrevocably leftward. We’re tired of seeing fake bar fights where everyone jumps on a pile and pretends to battle until the bouncers (the media) break them up so they can begin drinking together again.


Contrary to the insane narrative, conservatives would prefer to save the Republican Party, not destroy it. In order to do that, however, the Republican Party is going to have to listen to them, and not The New York Times.

It also has to want to be saved.

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