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Businesses Must Choose the Right Political Climate to Thrive

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I recently returned home from a trip to Washington, D.C. and felt as though I just visited a third world country. There were so many businesses boarded up and abandoned—from big corporate-owned businesses, to small mom-and-pop stores. Many of the main streets were blocked off in an effort to maintain law and order.

I witnessed a mob attempt to storm a hotel, banging on, and shaking, the hotel’s reinforced doors. As I watched the chaos unfold from my room, I started to wonder if I would wake up to a mob in the middle of the night trying to beat down my door. The environment was so fraught with tension, hate and violence that we were unable to go out for dinner in the heart of nation’s capital. After seeking out a place to eat for an hour, we returned to our hotel and ordered delivery. Even the delivery driver was unable to get to us due to the road closures.

There are legitimate grievances that call for protest, and I do not want to take away from folks who are genuinely looking to create positive change to help all Americans. I also recognize that many folks are in much more dire situations than me and my family, but I wanted to share this story as a warning of what America will look like, should the radical-left continue to gain influence in Washington, and throughout the nation. My experience in Washington, D.C. will be the experience across America as our way of life comes under a full assault from radical-leftist-Democrat mayors and governors that refuse to control the streets of their cities.

It’s something Joe Biden also refuses to forcefully call out. President Trump, on the other hand, has come out forcefully against the violence and stand proudly with law enforcement.

The cost to these businesses is tremendous. Some owners will find themselves in legal entanglement with landlords and vendors because of their inability to pay due to the unrest. Others may end up in bankruptcy and even homeless because anarchist thugs and Antifa-inspired rioters targeted their business. Imagine having put your life savings into your business and then, overnight, misguided, violent thieves destroy everything you’ve built. That’s not the promise of America. Even more chilling is the fact that political leaders are allowing this unrest to continue.

And it's clear under a Biden Presidency, that the unrest will continue. President Trump is a understands that we cannot allow these instigators and extreme leftist leaders to gain control. He is what stands between those who love America, and a radical-leftist movement hell-bent on transforming America for the worst.

I personally became more appreciative of Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp when he quickly called in the troops when the liberal Atlanta mayor allowed violent rioters to run wild for an entire night in Atlanta. I'm sure Atlanta would resemble D.C. if both the Governor and Mayor were radical leftist Democrats.

There's a clear pattern here. It's imperative for businesses to now look at local political leadership to determine if they are people who will look out for the business community and protect local economic interests, or if they’ll cave to the radical left.

It’s just as imperative to re-elect President Donald Trump this fall to protect the American Dream for all Americans.

Sharon LeVell is 27-year small business owner and member of Women for Trump and Black Voices for Trump.

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