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As businesses continue to struggle to find willing employees in the wake of governments continuing to pay them in many cases MORE than they would make working to stay at home, many states are pushing back by preemptively ending the extra federal unemployment cash. The first two-dozen or so states to opt-out, however, are not surprisingly ALL led by Republican governors. Which means that Democrats overwhelmingly are behind the ongoing federal and state effort to destroy small and medium-sized businesses by purposefully denying them the labor help they need to get back on their feet and serve their customers.


But why? I mean, they’re either dumb or evil, right? Are there any other options? Yes, the principle of Hanlon's razor states that one should "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity," but are Democrats THAT stupid? Do they not understand that any normal, reasonable person, if given the choice, would choose free cash and the ability to either sit on the couch and watch Netflix or earn some extra tax-free money under the table over having to log 40+ hours a week for what they’re now getting for free?

Sure, a common complaint is that the left knows little to nothing about human nature, but this one is a stretch, even for them. No, they know exactly what they’re doing. There are some pretty dense bulbs in the Democratic caucus, but nobody there, not even the astonishingly dull Mazie Hirono, is THAT stupid. Nobody.

So, if it isn’t stupidity, that leaves only one other option - malice. Remember, these are by and large comic book-level evil people, so it should be no surprise to find evil intent behind what they do. That leaves the rest of us, normal Americans who want to save our country, on a quest to not just stop them or at least mitigate the damage caused (as GOP governors are currently trying to do), but to understand their motives in order to help educate the public and prevent it from happening again. In this case, there are three logical consequences of continued government-sponsored mass unemployment, all of which help Democrats gain and retain power.


Number one is by far the most obvious. The more Democrats can grow the number of people who are dependent on the government, the more votes the dependency-enablers receive. Like regularly administering free drugs to an addict, keeping the money flowing to otherwise non-lazy people exacerbates a cycle of dependency and degradation that’s not only destructive for those individuals, but for society as a whole. Honest work is, after all, one of the primary vectors of good mental and physical health, despite the fact that human nature often leans toward idleness and laziness. Democrats don’t care, however, as long as those idle people feed their government-created addiction to couch-surfing by voting for them!

The second consequence of mass, government-induced unemployment is the mass failure of small and medium sized businesses, an outcome much desired by the left that, of course, began with COVID restrictions. The irony, sadly, is that Democrats pretend to be on the side of the ordinary Americans against giant, multinational corporations while at the same time doing everything they can to ensure those giant, multinational corporations have everything they need to crush their competition. Why? Because they know that those “woke” corporations, including and especially Big Tech, can control society and stifle speech better than a constitutional government ever could.


So in lieu of scrapping the Constitution and going full-on Marxist, which they’d certainly do if they could, ‘woke oligarchy’ is the next best thing. And if they can’t keep them shut down, what better way to crush small and medium-sized businesses than deny them the labor they need to function by making the cost of that labor more than they could possibly afford? Democrats get all the benefits with none of the negative PR that would come from small business tax hikes.

The third consequence speaks to the ultimate goal of the left, to install full-on Marxism, or at least hard-core socialism, in America. To do that, however, they need a Cloward Piven-style complete breakdown of the system. Massive payments to people who don’t really need it accomplishes this goal on two fronts: 

One, it breaks the budget and contributes to the already sky high national debt. No one knows the ultimate ramifications of the apocalypse that’s about to ensue when THAT bubble finally collapses, but since crazed leftists for some reason apparently think it’ll be good for them, they happily contribute to making it happen.

Two, it strains the capitalist system by denying crucial labor needed to maintain the standard of living residents of capitalist societies are accustomed to. Because we need a paycheck to keep our families fed, we stay in the arena and toil, every day. Even if some people don’t necessarily ‘like’ their jobs, those jobs still need to get done and are often pathways for bigger and better things for those eager to move up a career ladder. All work is “essential,” else it wouldn’t exist.


So, what happens when government removes the impetus to work by providing the primary enticement with no strings attached? We are finding out the answer in real time. Restaurant dining rooms are closed or severely cut back. Stores and factories are on skeleton crews. Construction has nearly ground to a halt. Supply chain issues that affect the entire economy in more ways than we can imagine have arisen and only promise to get worse as truck driving companies, which have always paid competitive wages, can’t hope to compete with the government’s largesse. 

With barely a whimper from those who should be protesting the most, our government is purposefully, quietly, maliciously choking out capitalism.

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