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Six Questions About Masks Our Overlords Refuse to Answer

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As the first few days of Joe Biden’s "100 days of mass mask-wearing" go by, I have no doubt you are seeing lots more mask-wearing than you did prior to January 20, right? Maybe you’re seeing people with two masks instead of the now-outdated one. Hopefully, you are seeing more masks in personal vehicles, in private homes, on hiking trails, in parks, and in all the other places and situations where people may have been lax before. Masks worn by joggers, gym-goers, and even children playing team sports should be the norm, probably forever. Universal, constant mask-wearing, after all, is the most effective way to curb the spread of the LITERAL PLAGUE, and that’s pretty much all you peasants need to know … 


LOL Just kidding! Obviously, all of the above should sound absolutely ridiculous to anyone but an absolute moron. And the thought of Joe Biden being able to convince the public, particularly Trump voters, to MASK HARRDERRRR than they already have been doing for NINE MONTHS is laughably absurd. But when has absurdity ever stopped the Branch Covidian mask cultists from doubling, nay tripling down on their stupidity? The answer is "never," of course, which has left people with common sense experiencing more than a little cognitive dissonance for far too many months.

The sad part is, it never had to be this way. Our overlords could have approached us with mask-wearing as a voluntary action that *could* be useful in certain, limited situations. They could have displayed an ounce or two of humility in the face of a novel virus absolutely nobody has been 100% correct on predicting. They might have humbly realized that covering one’s face in all instances when most instances don’t make any sense at all is hardly a sustainable approach. Had they done these things, it is possible they may have avoided the backlash they have received from conservatives like me who see right through their nonsense and aren’t afraid to shout it to the rooftops.

Instead, our mask-worshipping overlords have proceeded to sink every ounce of their credibility by taking positions anyone with an IQ above 70 and the willingness to look past the propaganda can see are utterly ridiculous. Here are just a few:


What’s wrong with face shields?

Early on in the pandemic, face shields seemed like they could be a viable option for those who felt like masks were uncomfortable, too constrictive, or blocked communication. Now, shields are apparently a no-go unless they are paired with a regular mask. Why? Because the CDC says there is a “lack of evidence” shields work as source control. Sure, there is virtually zero evidence masks work either, but if they did, why wouldn’t a clear plastic apparatus over one’s mouth NOT impede the dreaded “droplets” they’re constantly going on about? If masks "work," why wouldn’t face shields "work" also? We’ve never gotten a decent answer.

Why is wearing a mask under one’s nose the same as not wearing one at all?

“You’re not wearing it RIGHT!” the mask-shamers bleat at transgressors who dare let it slip, self-righteously peering out from beneath their eyes-to-neck getup. It’s as if the nose has somehow become a private body part. It’s gotten so bad that a real person was apparently paid to write an article for The New York Times about prominent leaders, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and John Roberts “manslipping,” or letting their masks "inadvertently" slip below their nose at the inauguration. Perish the thought! Except logically, wouldn’t most of the dreaded “droplets” exit through the mouth via spittle when one is talking, shouting, singing, or yawning? Unless an infected person is sneezing openly, which almost nobody did even before the plague hit our shores, how is anything that exits the nose going to go far enough to have a good chance at infecting anyone? Could it happen? Sure. But assuming that masks "work," wouldn’t simply covering one’s mouth offer at least 75% "protection" and, as such, be better than nothing? 


The truth is, if you’re forced to wear a mask, wearing it under the nose will normally (at least in red states) get you in and out of buildings and keep the less aggressive Karens at bay. It also allows you to breathe free air in comfort. It would be a worthy compromise, if the tyrants were the least bit interested in compromise.

Why do people need to wear masks while exercising?

Until the mask-cult convinced the world they had more to fear from the virus than from not getting enough air, oxygen intake was once something we took for granted. Well, not anymore. Before COVID, any doctor of average intelligence or above would have said that covering our breathing-holes while exercising is a BAD idea for anyone, especially when gym-goers are normally several feet away from other members.

So, what do the "experts" say now? On the one hand, the WHO says (or used to say) that wearing a mask while exercising “may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably” and the sweat produced “can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms.” Seems like common sense, except that our COVID-overlords need their subjects to OBEY, not breathe easily, so thus came this "advice" from the Mayo Clinic, which now says, with a straight face I might add, that it’s perfectly fine. Don’t worry though. They also say you should stop excercising with a mask if you begin experiencing “overall discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, headache, significant shortness of breath, muscular weakness, or drowsiness.” And these people presumably have medical degrees?!


Why do people need to wear masks outside when it’s not crowded?

Biden’s 100-day (LOL - it’ll be MUCH longer than that!) “patriotic” mask demand includes wearing them “outside,” and most blue state mask-mandates (including California, where it’s ‘working’ so well) do also. But why, when everyone knows the virus spreads mainly indoors? The obvious reason is because the virus is spreading wildly even though the vast majority of people have been wearing masks indoors for months to no avail, and doubling-down on useless measures is the only ammunition these "people of science" have at their disposal. So let’s try wearing masks outside when absolutely nobody is around. Couldn’t hurt, right? What utter buffoons these people are.

Why does it not matter what kind of face covering we wear as long as we wear a face covering?

The fact that my (basically) fishnet porous mesh "mask" (LOL) gets me in any place with a "guard" at the door (which I promptly remove when I’m inside) is proof of the utter ridiculousness of mandatory masking. There is rarely if ever any guidance on WHAT to cover our faces with, so long as our faces are covered. That says a lot more about their need for control than anything about public health.

If your mask protects you, why do I need to wear one?

Indeed, whether our mask "protects" us is a question with a seemingly ever-evolving answer. One day it doesn’t, and the next day it does. It’s hard to keep track. I think the ‘answer’ now is that it does. So with that, I’ll simply ask this: Wouldn’t the same fabric that keeps the virus close to me also keep it away from you?


There are plenty more questions, obviously. I’ll try and get to those next week. I’ll leave you with this quote from the above-mentioned New York Times article by James Gorman, which in its own way almost perfectly sums up the insane times in which we live and what it’s going to take to extricate ourselves from the seemingly endless corona fascism:

“I don’t let my mask slip, but it’s not because I’m pure at heart. It’s because I’m terrified. I’m scared of the virus and of breaking rules.”

Don’t be like that guy. It’s time to stop being terrified and break some rules.

I’m still on Twitter, but I’m also trying to build alternate platforms (as we all should). To that end, please consider following me on Gab and friending me on MeWe (I will accept all contact requests). Also please be sure to follow my COVID ‘Team Reality’ Twitter list, 170 (and counting) doctors, medical professionals, analysts, data hounds, media, and politicians unafraid to tell the truth about COVID-19.

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