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Five Ways President Trump Is Literally Saving The World

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According to the chattering class, the “deep state,” the “intelligence community” (yeah, some of these are going to overlap), the establishment media, neocons, Trump-haters, beltway elites, and liberals of every conceivable stripe (see?), President Trump’s refusal to cold-cock Valadimir Putin for election meddling right there at the podium in Helsinki amounts to the type of treason that could very well end America, or something.


The sky is falling! Democracy is over! Muh values! (No matter the issue, liberals love to preen about “values” when it comes to Trump because it masks the sad facts about their own degenerate lives. I mean, when your “value” is “social justice,” what other value do you need, amiright?) It’s all manufactured hysteria, of course, and most normal Americans see right through the hand-wringing and pearl clutching. In fact, far from causing the destruction of America, President Trump is actually SAVING not just our country, but the entire world through his actions as president.

The world, you ask? Isn’t that being a bit melodramatic? 

Put it this way. If liberals can take every new “crisis” and somehow manufacture it into a way to accuse Trump of literally *ending* the world, I should be able to write a column on how he’s saving it, right? And it’s not like I’m lacking for material either … 

So let’s consider five of the ways together. They are all worth noting, even if President Trump will never get a liberal to thank him for actually accomplishing something they at least pretend to care about - SAVING THE FREAKING PLANET.

1. Avoiding a World War

Remember when liberals used to be about peace? Back in my parents’ day, when sandaled, tie-dye clad hippies marched and shouted “war, what is it good for!”, at least you got the impression they genuinely wanted peace. Hell, in those days liberals dug Russia too because Communism was cool and capitalists drooled. Now, they’ve turned into cold-warriors seemingly overnight because, among other reasons, Russia backed the wrong horse in 2016. And they’ve gotta pay!


“The Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war,” Trump said last Thursday in what was likely an understatement. Liberals will hem and haw when asked if they want to fire up the nukes on Moscow, but the fact that Trump promised to make relations with Russia better is like kryptonite not just to libs, but also to bloodthirsty #NeverTrump neocons itching for another war. 

Except, President Trump isn’t having any of it. Whether it’s negotiating with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un or Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Trump - like Winston Churchhill - believes that “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.” 

Whether or not his actions eventually earn him a Nobel Peace Prize, if he stays the course President Trump will end up potentially saving millions of lives, and possibly the world in the process.

2. Advancing Human Freedom

Ah, human freedom. It’s a concept that in many ways has its origins in Western civilization, but it was truly perfected right here, in the good old U S of A. 

In the movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s William Wallace asked an army of reluctant soldiers, “What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?” because then, as now, the concept of fighting, and dying, for human freedom is one that resonates particularly strong in a West that saw the concept take root and grow to become the engine that, through the mighty vehicle of capitalism, lifted and continues to lift millions upon millions out of poverty and despair worldwide.


And no country has spilled more blood for freedom than the United States of America, the nation Ronald Reagan once described as a “city on a hill.”

By appointing judges and endorsing and implementing policies that expand freedom, as the leader of the free world has done and continues to do, President Trump is constantly improving the lives of those whose lives would be significantly worse without it. No, it’s not a perfect system and we’re not a perfect country, not by a long shot, but remove the freedom from our nation, as liberals are increasingly wont to do, and the freedom of billions will likely die along with it.

3. Defeating Islamic Extremism

Remember ISIS? Back in the day, before Trump, the Islamic extremist group had managed to carve out a caliphate that included wide swaths of small country-sized territories in Iraq and Syria. From Kirkuk to Aleppo and as far south as near Damascus, dissidents were getting their heads chopped off, women were being raped, mutilated, and murdered, and gays were getting tossed off buildings. Now I’m as anti-war as they come, but this is the kind of evil that only understands blood, guns, and steel, and a lot of it.

In 2017, President Trump promised to "extinguish ISIS from the face of the Earth." It was a bold, Trumpian promise, but could it be done? Politifact, while rating President Trump’s later claim that ISIS had lost “very close to 100 percent” of their territory as “mostly true,” notes that ISIS “went from 90,800 square kilometers in January 2015 to 6,759 square kilometers in January 2018” with the overwhelming majority of those losses coming under President Trump.


Where would the world be with an ISIS caliphate controlling vast swaths of the Middle East? Thanks to President Trump, we don’t have to find out.

4. Laying The Foundation For a Roaring Economy

The United States may have a third of the population of China, but we still have the largest economy in the world, and at $20 trillion compared to second-place China’s $14 trillion and third place Japan’s $5.1 trillion, it’s really not even close. To put things in perspective, Canada comes in at number 10 with only a tenth of what the United States puts out ($1.8 trillion).

In general, as the U.S. economy goes, so goes the world. If we are roaring along, the world roars along with us. If we tank, they tank too, and the lives of lots of poor folks get exponentially worse. So when President Trump releases U.S. manufacturers from burdensome regulations, cuts corporate tax rates, and implements business-friendly policies that has in no small part led to some of the greatest economic gains in any two year span in American history, the world benefits as well. (If America getting richer to benefit the world sounds wrong to you, you need to go back to class and study Reaganomics 101.)

And yes, that includes implementing fair trade policies that may stifle some trade in the short run but will lead to better wages and manufacturing infrastructure long-term. Which, in turn, will lead to a more financially sound middle-class, a good thing for America and the world.

5. Enforcing National Borders

As anyone with a lick of common sense knows, a country isn’t a country without borders. President Trump is not only attempting to enforce ours, he is modeling a virtue that other countries would be wise to follow. If they do, as countries like Viktor Orbán’s Hungary and others have, they will avoid the inevitable tyranny and ruin that comes from globalization.


Indeed, keeping the world decentralized by preserving and maintaining nation states may be preventing the one world order dreamed of by Soros and other globalists, but make no mistake - it will in the long run save the world.

There are doubtless plenty more ways than what I’ve listed above, so feel free to list them in the comments. 

Not that he’ll ever get a thank you from liberals, but on behalf of President Trump and the millions of people who put him into office, I’ll go ahead and say a hearty - You’re Welcome!

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