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Given the endless, nonsensical hysteria and hand-wringing that’s come out of this latest border brouhaha, one thing should be crystal clear - President Trump could take a couple billion of his own money, build 5-star hotel resorts for migrants all along the U.S. Mexico border, and PAY THEM to stay there while their cases are resolved, and liberals would still complain.


Why, you ask? Because liberals don’t really care about migrant children, not in any real sense. What they DO care about, however, is manufacturing as much leverage out of it as possible to accomplish their goal of unfettered, unlimited immigration to the United States from the Third World. And there is absolutely no other ‘solution’ to the border detention issue that will please liberals other than ceding that.

Need proof? How about the fact that, as soon as the ink was dry on President Trump’s executive order to end the practice of separating children from their families at the border, liberals were moving the goalposts to demand an end to the administration’s zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting illegal border entrants.

Liberals will compromise with ‘catch and release,’ but if they’re being honest they’d rather just skip to the ‘nod and wave as they pass’ approach.

Where Democratic politicians would once at least give lip service to the basic idea of a nation with enforceable borders, today’s par-for-the-course is nothing short of no borders and no border security whatsoever. Sure, it’s the polar opposite of the heavy regulations liberals want for every other aspect of society, but when we’re talking about millions of future Democratic voters, what’s a little laissez-faire when the greater good is so freaking woke?


Fox News host Tucker Carlson put things in stark perspective on his Friday night show.

“Without much real public debate or even discussion, the elite left has reached a conclusion on the question [of immigration],” Carlson said. “It is that America needs more immigration. Much more. Immigration without limit. We shouldn’t worry about whether the people coming here have skills that we need. Whether they are educated. Whether they can speak English even or even whether they are violent criminals. In fact we shouldn’t even try to accurately count how many are coming here or how many live within our borders. Do you disagree with that? Well, then in the words of an MSNBC commentator, you’re pure evil.”

Carlson then asked the pointed question “very few people are asking,” yet when it is asked no liberal wants to answer directly. That’s because there is no clear-cut answer, which is maybe why it’s become almost like a religion to them, a matter of faith, albeit one without a provably risen Savior. 

“Why exactly does America need more immigration?” asked Carlson. “Everybody says it does. But do we really? Does more immigration help ordinary Americans? Does it improve the country? Or does it just enrich an elite class, the policy making class at the expense of everyone else? Very few people are asking that question.”


Carlson’s guest, Michael Anton, a former Trump administration official and, before that, the man behind the famous and then-pseudonymous Flight 93 Election essay during the 2016 election (still a classic and yes, you should click and read it), came on to discuss his recent Washington Post piece, entitled “Why Do We Need More People, Anyway?”

Anton began his article by noting the “blasphemous” nature of the question to most people who have been conditioned by political correctness to think that “good people want more immigration, and bad people object or raise questions.” In that sense, writes Anton, “an inherently political issue has been effectively rendered religious, with the righteous on one side, sinners on the other.”

“Economists in league with big business got good at torturing data to ‘show’ that immigration benefits the economy. But as demonstrated by Harvard University’s George Borjas, one of the nation’s leading economists on the topic, immigration is a net economic benefit to immigrants and to their employers. To workers already here, not so much.”

“Why do we need more people?” Anton asks. “For the extra traffic congestion? More crowded classrooms? Longer emergency room and Transportation Security Administration lines? Higher greenhouse-gas emissions?”
Indeed, why DO we need more people? Have YOU ever looked around and thought - ‘hey, things would be so much better if it were MORE CROWDED?’ 


They’ll say it’s to do the ‘jobs Americans refuse to do,’ even while they refuse to take steps to increase wages that would entice more Americans into those jobs. Certainly, as Anton notes, unlimited immigration “benefits big business and the Democratic Party.”

But the question that every patriotic American should be asking their ‘betters’ is this …

How on earth does immigration with out limit benefit America?

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