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Why Does the Left Encourage Hatred Toward Women?

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Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ted Danson, and Britney Spears have made segments of late night television go viral by reading some of the rude things tweeted about them. Even President Obama did it, so I thought I would too, but my motivation is not for comedy show laughs.


In the world today, there is obviously a lot of hate that has created an environment where people lack the civility and respect that existed in previous generations. Sure, there has always been discord, but there is a big difference from saying “I smite thee” which might have been the most vulgar insult in the 1600s to “I hope you are raped in public” and other lude comments, which are becoming more often spoken or posted.

Here’s the ironic part: Most targets of these comments can answer back with cries that they are victims of racism, sexism, homophobia and other retorts, and the world listens. Most often they even come to the defense of these individuals demanding action against the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the one group who receives very little help defending themselves from gang-mentality hatred is the women who stand on the Right.

These woman are often the recipients of some of the most descriptive, vile, viscous attacks all because they refuse to buy the propaganda of the left. Because, rather that acquiesce, they have decided to make up their own mind and are not afraid to say so.

Do you remember the Playboy Hate List? Playboy Magazine writer Guy Cimbalo released his list of top 10 conservative women against whom he’d like to commit violent sexual acts.

Do you remember NBC’s “Today” show about Sarah Palin’s role in the GOP? Comedian Chuck Nice told his co-panelists, “But, Sarah Palin to the GOP, this is what I’ve got to say, she is very much like herpes, she’s not going away.”


Do you remember when Keith Olbermann compared Michelle Malkin to a “mashed-Uup bag of meat withlipstick on it”?

In the vernacular of the modern American liberal, women only value their guns or Bibles because they were instructed to do so by others — because they lack the brain cells to make their own decisions. They tell us we are only conservative because we obey our husbands or fathers.

Conservative women are most often left alone to defend themselves. Have you ever seen a women’s group like NOW or Code Pink come to their defense? It is often the members of these supposed feminist groups, or those who agree with their ideology, who are spewing the hatred in the direction of the conservative female because she dared to voice a different opinion.

Social media has only made matters worse as the veil of anonymity has encouraged the faceless perpetrators to be more creative and vile with their words. And where is Gloria Allred? I don’t see her jumping up to file a lawsuit to stop any of this extreme cyber-bullying.

This is why I have chosen to expose the hate of the Left and the hypocrisy of the women’s feminist movement by doing a video titled “Cheap Chirps.” Andrew Breitbart often suggested we retweet hate in order to expose the truth about the supposed “peaceful, loving, kind-hearted tolerant” left. Up until now, we have chosen to ignore them with hopes that with no attention, the problem would just go away. Unfortunately, it’s getting worse. My hope is that by standing up today and drawing attention to the horrible things which have been said about me, that other conservative women will do the same, that our voices will grow loud enough to overpower the women on the left who want us bullied into silence.


Maybe it’s just wishful thinking as there will always be hate in our world, but as a mother of a daughter who I encourage every day to stand up for her values and beliefs, it would not be fair of me to encourage strength while at the same time setting her up to be ripped to shreds by those on the Left simply because they disagree. I fear that the hatred towards conservative women will only continue to grow unless we do what we can to expose it. Not for our own good, but more importantly, for the next generation of true feminists, aka The Conservative Woman.

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