Roy Innis

Roy Innis
Bringing Light, Health and Prosperity to Africa
By Roy Innis
Editors' note: This piece is co-authored by Niger Innis“I see Africa as a … partner with America on behalf of ...
March 25, 2010
Nuclear Power Check
By Roy Innis
Abundant, reliable, affordable energy makes our jobs, health, living standards and civil rights possible. Remember that when you read about ...
October 27, 2008
Energy Fraud!
By Roy Innis
Remember The Sting, Oceans 11, Entrapment? The “marks” were a bit unsavory, or rich guys or banks that “could afford” ...
September 30, 2008
Drill Now For Energy in America
By Roy Innis
America’s energy situation is becoming more untenable and intolerable by the day. The cost of keeping our jobs, heating and ...
June 12, 2008
Jim Crow Energy Policies
By Roy Innis
The US civil rights revolution of the 1950s and ‘60s was one of the greatest social and political liberations in ...
May 15, 2008
Poisoning the economy
February 02, 2008 |
The Truth About "Alternative Energy"
By Roy Innis
Every week brings new claims that clean, free, inexhaustible renewable energy will soon replace the “dirty” fuels that sustain our ...
December 05, 2007
An Opportunity Squandered
By Roy Innis
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation recently hosted its annual legislative conference in Washington. A keynote session – billed as an ...
October 11, 2007
Enemies of the Poor
By Roy Innis
“People here have no jobs,” Mark Fenn admitted, after taking documentary producers on a tour of his $35,000 catamaran and ...
June 02, 2007
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