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Ds r in Worse Shape Than We Thought. Sad.

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I think we should have a national "Only Write Like Donald Day."

Nothing more than 140 Characters including a one-word sentence at the end.

"Trump brings new efficiency to global communications. Trump Haiku. Brilliant."

Actually, that is how I spend many of my days, so maybe it's not such a unique idea.

After last weekend's turmoil among the Battlin' Democrats - notably in Las Vegas - this weekend greeted them with a group of new polls, all of which appeared to show that Donald Trump is at least in range of Hillary Clinton, if not actually leading her.

Rating an front page report, the Washington Post/ABC News poll showed Trump actually leading Clinton 46 percent to 44 percent. Although the Post decided to bury that particular piece of information down in the 5th paragraph.

The first four grafs of the Post's analysis were about how much everyone seems to hate the two assumed nominees, which is also a tie.

According to the poll, Clinton's Fave/Unfave is 41-57. Trump's is 40-57. Not only that, but among the subgroup who really hate them ("Strongly Unfavorable") Clinton has a slight lead: 46% to 45% for Trump.

Remember we have been told for the past 10 months that Trump's unfavorables meant that Democrats would not only sweep to victory in the race for the White House, but in the U.S. Senate, in Governors' mansions and, for all we know, seats in the Parliament of the European Union.

But. This poll asked Clinton voters whether they were voting FOR her, or AGAINST Trump. Less than half (48 percent) of the Clinton supporters said they were voting for her. The other almost has (also 48 percent) told the pollsters they were voting against Trump.

Among Trump supporters the split was: 44 percent support Trump, 53 percent oppose Clinton.

Watching Clinton and Trump attempt to sound like lovable Mr. and Ms. Rogers for the next six months to win over each others' anti- voters will be fun to watch.

They'll begin every speech with:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 

A beautiful day for a neighbor 

Could you be mine? 

Would you be mine?

As if Clinton and Trump playing to a revile tie weren't enough trouble, it turns out that Bernie Sanders' shade throwing contest with Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) has hit a new level (high or low depending on where the sun is) when it became known that Bernie is using his enormous fund raising mailing list to raise money to fund her primary opponent for her Congressional seat in Florida.

Nothing is more important to a Member of Congress or Senator than being re-elected so this is a real-life example of "words will never hurt me" but raising money for my primary opponent is War!

But wait! There's more!

The Hill newspaper had a piece over the weekend pulling back the curtain over the deteriorating relationships between the Clinton and Sanders teams. In case you missed the nuances of this here's how the Hill began its article thus:

"Fury against Bernie Sanders is growing in Clinton World."

A blind source is quoted as saying:

"Unfortunately, [Sanders is] choosing the path of burning down the house. He continues with character attacks against Hillary. He continues with calling the Democratic Party corrupt, and he not only risks damaging Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party but he's currently doing it."

This makes Hillary Clinton's bitterly tittering laughter and the self-conscious fingering of her pearls while being asked about Sanders even harder to believe.


A CBS News poll showed that the race between Clinton and Trump in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio are very close.

In Ohio, Clinton has a five percentage point lead, 44-39 over Trump. In Florida she leads by a whisker (is that sexist?) 43-42.

In Donald-speak that would be:

Hillary & Donald neck-and-neck. Not what we thought. Interesting.

Lad Link: Here's an excellent essay by The Lad (@ReedGalen) about why we may be headed toward an electoral system with four - or even five - political parties.

On the Secret Decoder Ring page today: Links to the WaPo/ABC News poll, to the Bernie vs Debbie article, to the fury of the Clinton campaign, and to the CBS polls.

The Mullfoto is of the car of a likely undecided voter. 

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