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The political pundits are going nuts. No one saw this coming, so the "experts" are falling all over themselves trying to diss it.

But Ted Cruz' race for the White House has never been about the pundits, nor has it ever been about maintaining the status quo. It's always been about one thing: the people.


Ted Cruz blew away all convention by announcing his pick for vice president early in the game. Carly Fiorina sang to the Cruz girls in her acceptance speech. He refused to play ball with the good ol' boys in Washington. She refused to remain “just a secretary” in the work force. He is a young Hispanic American. She is a strong woman. They are decidedly unconventional, and they are the team that will give us back our country.

And the good ol' boys in the media can't stand it; Donald Trump and the gang of lobbyists doing his bidding are scared stiff; and Hillary and her socialist allies have just had the wind knocked out of them.

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are a gift from God to America—perhaps our last chance to fully restore the gift of liberty He so graciously provided at our nation's founding.

The Cruz/ Fiorina ticket provides the principle, innovation, and power the GOP needs to reclaim its place as the party of Lincoln and Reagan - as the party of freedom. Their unwavering belief that the Constitution provides the foundation for how to govern and for how we can live as free people is exactly what we need to survive and thrive as a nation. Their refusal to fit into the status quo; to play the game; to go along in order to get along, all exude the revolutionary, joyous spirit that we so desperately need at this point in American history. They are spunky, fun, and respectful of the rule of law. They are intelligent, experienced, and unafraid to live as real people, interacting in a deeply personal way with everyone they meet. They are full of confidence and grace; humor and wit; and they both have the fierce, competitive spirit needed to obliterate the system that has benefited power-mongers like Trump and Clinton for far too long.


Welcome to the face of the new GOP. Welcome to what Constitutional leadership looks like.

The Cruz/Fiorina ticket is about freedom and the individual. It's about an adherence to the document that makes it possible for all of us to pursue our dreams, to have an equal voice in the process, and to be free to prosper. When Ted and Carly are in the White House, the Washington Cartel and dealmakers like Hillary and Donald, who have made big bucks from big business at the expense of the people, will be history. The aristocratic, elitist thugs that are the Clintons and Trumps of the world will be stripped of their power and will be forced to release their stranglehold on decent, honest Americans who work hard to take care of their families. When Obama and his minions are gone, Hillary and Donald will be booted out of Washington with them.

When Cruz and Fiorina win, the people win. The Constitution wins. And freedom wins.

Yes, Cruz and Fiorina are the face of the new, unconventional GOP, and the hope that a new birth of freedom occurs in America.


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