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Obama's Brother Writes a Book and Other Good New for Big Brother

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Bill Tatro joined the program to discuss the direction of the economy.

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So explain to me, again, why we have a congress when the White House can simply change laws on a whim?

“Ransomware” is becoming a real concern in the tech industry. Um, “Ransomware”? John, should we have a discussion?

Piers Morgan doesn’t think Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson should be protected by the 1st Amendment. So, this British limey despises the 2nd Amendment, and is a little iffy about the 1st? Can we just send him back to England already?

Face, palm. I have no other words.

Ya hear about the whole “Duck Dynasty” controversy? A&E has suspended the star because of his views on homosexuality… Governor Jindal had the best response (so far) to the controversy:

Ohio is considering a bill that would require Parents to seek approval from the state in order to home school. (Bureaucrats would be deciding if homeschool is “beneficial” to the children.)

And………. We have a budget deal. Way to go Senator Reid.

Obama’s brother has written a book – and he took a couple shots at the President’s uncanny ability to lie.

One week until the healthcare deadline… This will go real well.

Now people are upset that smokers will have to pay higher premiums under Obamacare… Ya know, just like private insurance companies always used to charge more.

Jennifer Lawrence thinks we should outlaw calling people “fat.”… What about “stupid”? Is that still OK?

Thanks Dems! The only budget cut, according to DC Democrats, is a cut to Veteran’s Benefits…

A Horrible ABC poll… But, don’t worry, their spin doctors put a nice twist on the story so they could get a pro-Obama headline.

Some Democrats are proposing a bill that would end the death penalty for treason… Am I going too far when I suggest they are doing this out of self-preservation?

Dear Leader…

The great big book of government waste! Just two examples: NASA spent $390,000 to develop a “green ninja” that fights climate change; and the State Department spent $630,000 to buy “likes” on Facebook (which is funny, because they could have gotten my like for free had they simply canned Hillary Clinton).

Obamacare’s troubles run a lot deeper than a website glitch, or campaign lie… The problems are just beginning:

The NSA is considering amnesty for Snowden in exchange for his silence… It may, however, prove difficult to convince Snowden to leave the bastion of freedom and independence known formerly as “the Soviet Union.”

Ten comments that will repeatedly strip you of your hope for humanity. (And a couple of lines that will let you know you’re not alone in your frustration.)

This is interesting: Apparently the media doesn’t want you to know that a recent School shooter was an “opinionated socialist.” … I guess that’s because other socialists in History have all been such nice guys.

Mark Calabria, with Cato, joined the program to discuss the Volcker rule and Dodd-Frank.

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James Hirsen talked to John about the latest Celebrity endorsed Obamacare talking points.

Powerful or Pitiful?

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Daniel J Mitchell, from Cato, joined the program to discuss the higher than expected GDP numbers – and why it’s largely smoke and mirrors.

Ezra Klein is an idiot… But Barbara Walters might have him beat:

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